Patanjali Almond Oil And Ways To Use Almond Oil


Patanjali Almond Oil And Ways To Use Almond Oil

Patanjali almond oil is my favourite almond oil. This is 100% pure sweet almond oil. Almond oil is very rich source of vitamin E and vitamin E is essential for healthy skin and hair.

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Price- INR 100

You can buy from here

baba ramdev almond oil

My take on Patanjali Almond Oil

The oil has been repackaged in a better looking bottle. It comes with a flip top cap. This packaging is more user friendly.

The oil is like any other almond oil but it is easily affordable. The oil is really light weight and does not make my skin feel greasy.

I prefer Patanjali almond oil as Patanjali is known for the purity of its ingredients. I highly recommend this almond oil to everyone.

patanjali almond oil review

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How I use Patanjali Almond Oil

  • My favourite way to use this is to massage it on my skin. It makes skin really soft and radiant. This oil can also be used on face for hydration and soothing effect.
  • Regular facial massage with almond oil reduces signs of aging and make skin firm. This oils also lightens dark spots on face.
  • Another way I like to use this is to mix almond oil with honey and massage on lips. It helps in lightening lip pigmentation.
  • Regular head massages with almond oil reduce hair fall. This oil is very good to treat dry and rough hair.
  • Almond oil reduces dandruff and prevents split ends too. It makes hair shiny.
  • Massage some almond oil with vitamin E capsule on your eye lashes for two months. Your eye lashes will become shiny and you will start seeing some growth in them as well.
  • Mix little honey with almond oil and massage under dark circle. This reduces puffiness and helps in making the skin under eyes brighter and lighter too.This happens because when we massage the area under our eyes it increases the blood circulation.
  • You can make almond oil and cleaning mask to combat acne and prevent acne from re occurring. For this mix 1 tbsp. of almond oil with 2 tsp. of honey. Apply it on the affected area and massage gently in circular motion. Let the mask sit on your skin for half an hour and rinse with warm water and use a soft cloth to dry the skin.
  • Almond oil can also be used as a leave in conditioner. It makes hair detangle easily and keeps them lustrous.
  • Almond oil also doubles up as an effective makeup remover.

Have you tried Patanjali Almond Oil?

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  1. These days I am into after bath body oils instead of moisturizers. And almond oil is one of them. I use a variety of oils each day…virgin coconut oil…castor oil…almond oil..olive oil…and a few other readymade concoction of oils. Almond oil I find is the lightest after coconut oil.

  2. I mainly use almond oil for my eye lashes, mixed with my hair oil, and also for removing makeup at times, even I use this one only, its easily available, i like it,

  3. I use Rogham badam Oil and bajaj almond hair oil both.. Its very effective for hairgrowth, I have been using almond oil for multiple uses like to grow my eye lashes, to reduce dark circles and puffines . Also to get that glow on my face. Its a miracle oil indeed.

    I need to try patanjali almond oil soon… I like patanjali products.

  4. O gawd.. where did my comment go?

    Anyway.. I have always loved pampering my hair with all the possible hair oils..

    Coconut and almond oil being my top favourite.. i switch in between these two. I use both ROgham or Bajaj almond hair oil for my hair… Also use Olive oil whenever my hair goes too dry at the ends.. its the best solution for dry hair.

    I wana try the Patanjali almond oil, i like patanjali prodts… Great review dear.. 🙂

  5. i really love patanjali products and hav great trust on their products…
    but i hav one problem with alomnd hair oil..,.
    they say as almond hair oil… but the amount of almond oil in it is so less.. it is rather sesame oil wit almond oil added to it…
    sesame oil is also good for hairs..
    but when we r intending to buy almond oil… we canniot substitute it with almond hair oil..
    coz this one is mixed with sesame oil.

  6. Hi, my age is 22. I massage my face with this oil before going to bed and leave it overnight and in the morning, I wash my face with himalaya neem face wash. After that i apply toner n moisturizer. But after using this product for two weeks, my skin has become so dry. Am i using it a wrong way..?? 🙁

  7. I am 52 and using almost 8months almond oil (Patanjali Product) by mixing 9-10 drops in milk before sleep. My excess fat have been reduced and looking thin and young . People asking me about my weight loss. Motion is absolute clear in the morning. Need not to keep fast to become thin. Appetite is absolutely fine & have no problem at all. Memory retaining power has been increased drastically. Try once. thx


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