Patanjali /Baba Ramdev Crack Heel Cream Review


 Patanjali Products 

I have heard lot many Wise She readers talking about Baba Ramdev crack heel cream so I thought of giving it a try this time when my Scholl’s foot & nail cream got over.

I don’t have extremely dry feet nor do I suffer from severely cracked heels but when I stop taking care of them small cracks start appearing which I completely detest. As I mentioned in my previous review also that scholl foot cream is not that effective in heeling cracks so Patanjali foot cream was my second hope 🙂

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  • Price – INR 60 for 50gm
  • Expiry Date– 24 months from date of mfg.
  • Ingredients:-Each 5 gm contains: Sarson ka tel (brassica compestris), Kayakalp tel (propreitary product) Deshi mom (bees wax), Bhimseni kapoor (dryobalanopscamphora), Gehu ka tel (triticum sativum), Ghratkumari ras (aloe vera juice) Shudh suhaga (borax).
  • Fragrance- It has this strong kapur(the one which we use in pooja ) fragrance which some of you may not like.
  • Packaging – Squeeze tube and travel friendly

foot heal cream reiew patanjali+Crack heal cream reviews +Patanjali product reviews

  • How I used it – I scrubbed my feet and used  pumice stone every single day while using the cream and used the cream twice a day. Before going to the bed I applied it and wore thin soft socks after application of the cream.After one or two hours when I use to get irritated by the socks I use to take them out.
  • Result  – I now have crack free smooth feet 🙂
  • Moisturization – It’s rightly moisturized. It doesn’t make my feet feel greasy like most of the foot cream do and it gets absorbed easily into my skin. I use it on my hands before going to the bed and it keeps them moisturized too although on hands it feels little greasy.

patanjali crack heal cream reiews+crack heal cream reviews+Patanajali product reviews

See 🙂

Patanjali creack heal cream reiews baba ramdev

What I liked about Patanjali/Baba Ramdev Crack Heel Cream

  • Decently priced
  • Makes my  feet smooth and help keeps hand moisturised too.
  • Helps in repairing cracked heels but I don’t know how effective it will be for severely painful cracked heels.
  • Gets absorbed easily
  • Rs 60 cream lasts for a month 🙂
What I do not like about Patanjali Crack Heel Cream
  • Strong fragrance
  • Available only on Baba Ramdev stores.You can check out the store list here.
Wise She Rating - 
  • Overall – 4/5
  • Packaging – 5/5
  • Effectiveness – 4/5
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  1. i have this! i have this!! but i stopped using it….out of sheer lazines….and now i feel so bad…hehe…ill have to go back home and dig this out and use it!

  2. o wowww ur feet luk so awsm :clap-n-jump: pretty :dance-leftright: yeh paun zameen pe mat rakhna :disdain: :inlove: what tha nail pain Ana ???? :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  3. I have never tried Pitanjali products Ana…I dont get them in Chennai..or may be I guess I just haven’t noticed them!is there a website which sell these products?

  4. Beautiful feet Anu…and the colour looks awesome on feet…

    I used this, i feel it smells like shaving cream…otherwise a good product :yes:

  5. My heels need some desperate love like ryt now,,lazy girl i am.. 😀
    gonna search for it now,,thanks for this post,,

    lovely review Anamika :),, beuatiful feet 🙂

  6. hey..even though i ve been reading all d post 4 a long tme but never really commented.but now i ve 2 express how i wait 2 read ur posts everyday n how much ths blog has helped bought so much stuff after reading the reviews here n m glad tht i did. :dance: :dance: now comin 2 ths product,it really luks promisisng and m def gonna give this a try.. :yes: wat i generally do is apply jergens body lotion on my heels,waer a pair of socks n tht seems 2 solve my problem! :laugh: :laugh:
    m ya hiiiiiiiii 2 all u lovely ladies!!

  7. Gud afternoon Anamika
    beautiful feet lovely color nailpolish 🙂 wish i too could get baba ramdev products they r economical and effective


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