Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash Review


Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash Review

Patanjali as a brand is no longer an unheard name. It is one of those Indian brands which deals in natural products with economic pricing and its product do perform well. I have tried many patanjali products so far and have had decent experience with most of the products.

Recently I got the Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash. This product actually got me surprised as I did not expect it to work well for my dry, colored hair.

To know more about the product, continue reading the review.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash

About Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash:

A unique blend of coconut oil and natural extract of Ghritkumari, Methi, Bhringrah and Heena with neutralize base, which cleanse gently, nourish and moisturize the scalp and experience hair soft, silky and Shiny. Useful in dryness & roughness of hair, Prevent hair fall & improve hair shine.

Ingredients: Cocus Nucifera, Aloe Barbedensis, Trigonella Foenum Graceum, Eclipta Alba, Lawsonia Innermis, Aqua, Soft Neutralize Base, Sunflower Oil, Diazolidinyl Urea & IPBC, Sugandhit  Dravya Q.S.

Directions For Use: Apply 2-5 ml on wet hair, massage gently for 1 minute and then rinse with water.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash Info

Price: INR 95

Net Wt: 150 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Packaging: This hair wash comes in a non messy, white colored, opaque tube packaging. The cap flips opens and shuts firmly. A gentle squeeze pours out the product. Patanjali retails most of hair shampoo/conditioners in bottle packaging but this one is retailed in a nice, sturdy tube packaging.

Texture: the hair wash is white in color and has a mediocre consistency, which is neither thick nor runny. It is easy to work with and can easily be rinsed.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash Texture

Fragrance: It has a flowery fragrance, which is very strong and overwhelming. I quite like the fragrance and completely fine with it being strong, but sensitive noses might feel bothered with the fragrance.

My Experience With Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash:

This product is marketed as a shampoo cum conditioner, well that’s how Hair washes work, but I personally prefer using it as a conditioner.

It has a decent packaging which has all the necessary information mentioned. There is nothing very fancy about the packaging. The texture of this is great and easy to work with.

What makes this product worth a try is its ingredients list. It has a fabulous blend of all the great natural hair tonics, if I may say so. It has ingredients like Henna, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Fenugreek and Bhringraj. Henna thickens hair making hair healthier and shinier, Coconut nourishes hair and makes it healthy, long, thick and black, Bhringraj is reduces hair fall and Fenugreek promotes hair growth.

Quite a power packed ingredient list it has. Honestly considering the price I did not expect this product to work for my dry, colored hair. But this product did not fail to impress me, rather got me surprised.

It works well and conditions my hair nicely. It makes hair soft and shiny. There is nothing phenomenal about the conditioner, but what make this conditioner stand out is its economic pricing. We usually do not get such great conditioners with all natural ingredients at this price. One tube will last for around a month or so.

Overall this is a decent conditioner to try.

What I Like About Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash?

  • Economic pricing.
  • Sturdy tube packaging.
  • Nice texture.
  • Easy to use.
  • Makes hair shinier and softer.
  • Works decently well for my dry, colored hair.
  • Strong, flowery smell.

What I Don’t Like About Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash?

  • Its fragrance might be a con for many.
  • Nothing exceptional.

Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Recommend: For the fabulous ingredient list and very reasonable price, this hair wash deserves to be tried at least once.

Have you tried Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash?

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  1. Hello mam ,I m Rashi. I want to know whether it is not harmful to apply patanjali coconut hair wash on scalp because it is a conditionar also and we must not apply any conditionaron our scalp.please tell me…

  2. I bought it and not sure If I should use it with my regular shampoo or use by its self ? The lady I bought it from told me to leave in my hair for about 2 hours and then wash it out, but I read about it and it tells me to wash after applying ? please I need some help I work in a pool 6 days a week and my hair needs a little help.


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