Patanjali Herbal Kajal Review


Patanjali Kajal Review

Hello dearies

I spotted this kajal on my last visit to Patanjali store and immediately picked it up along with the newly launched face wash. I am applying it every day since past ten days. Let’s find out whether it managed to replace my favourite kryolan ikonic gel liner pencil or not.


patanjali herbal kajal


About Patanjali Herbal Kajal:

a safe and unique ointment formulation. Its special combination of precious herbs, vegetable oils and waxes helps in maintaining and improving vision.

Packaging: Typical retractable lipstick bullet kinda. It’s not very pretty to look at but I am happy that the retractable mechanism works well.

Price: INR 90 for 3g

Ingredients: Rasaut 0.3 mg, Liquorice 0.3 mg, triphala 0.9 mg, almond oil 60 mg, Castor oil 900 mg. base materials: ointment kajal base Q.S.

Directions for use: Apply gently on the inside edge of the eyelids. In case of irritation due to sensitivity, remove safely by cotton wool and discontinue use.


patanjali kajal


My experience with Patanjali Herbal Kajal:

I like my kajal jet black and smudge proof and sadly it disappoints me in both these areas. While it’s at par with most of the kajal available in the market in the pigmentation department it’s no lakme absolute kohl. First day I applied it in the morning with a light hand and it vanished by the lunch time. :/ second day I went overboard with 4-5 swipes and within 3 hours I resembled a malnourished panda to put it mildly. 😛


patanjali kajal herbal


Third day I decided to use the loose powder to set it and it worked pretty well that ways. No panda eyes no vanishing. 😀 apparently it will help my vision improve, I guess because of triphala. Triphala water also helps soothe tired and red eyes. Tried and tested.


patanjali herbal kajal swatch


What I like about Patanjali Herbal Kajal:

  • Trusted Indian brand. I am a big time Patanjali fan.
  • Impressive ayurvedic ingredients.
  • Perfect for soft smokey eyes.
  • Doesn’t smudge like crazy when set properly with oodles of loose powder.
  • Packaging is not flimsy.
  • Smooth and creamy texture.
  • Buildable pigmentation.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Easily available.

What I dont like about Patanjali Herbal Kajal:

  • Not for girls with oily lids. No amount of loose powder would be able to control the messy smudge.
  • Doesn’t last long.
  • I somehow find bullet packaging unhygienic.
  • Very tall claims.


patanjali kajal eotd


Final verdict: It’s a paisa vasool kajal provided you don’t forget the loose powder. I am glad Patanjali ventured into makeup finally. Super affordable price tag ensures that you don’t throw a major fit if it doesn’t work for you. 😀

Repurchase material: Not really.

Rating: 3/5.

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  1. Malnourished Panda . .. 😀 😀 😀

    Thanks for the review . . . Somehow I expected more from the Pathanjali Herbal Kajal . . .


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