Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry Review (Baba Ramdev Products)



Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry (Baba Ramdev Products)

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I have been recently reviewed few Patanjali products and today I shall review another product from this brand. Patanjali as a brand has really surprised me with their very economical good quality products. I got this really amazing Strawberry lip balm by Patanjali which has got me awestruck.


Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry

I have already expressed my happiness after using this lip balm. To know why this lip balm is so much praised, read on.

About Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry:

Useful in dryness, roughness & rehydrates lips moisture.

Directions For Use: Apply on cracked lips gently twice daily or as directed by physician.



Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry - Packaging (2)

Price: INR 25

You can buy Strawberry lip blam from here

Net Wt: 10 gm

Packaging: This Strawberry lip balm comes in an opaque white colored tube and has a red colored cap which screw opens. The tube has got all the necessary details imprinted on it. There is a pin hole at the tip of the tube with a slant shape to serve in dispensing out the balm and allow smooth application. The packaging is sleek enough and is absolutely travel friendly.


Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry - Packaging (1)

Texture: It has got a jelly thin consistency and spreads on lips easily. The lip balm feels very light weight on lips and is very hydrating

Fragrance: It has a yummy strawberry fragrance.


Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry - Texture

My Take: Honestly I never expected this lip balm to work, not even a bit. I just got this lip balm to try it out and review it on wiseshe and only had hopes for temporary moisturization, but how this lip balm worked was a huge surprise for me.

It actually turned out to be a great lip balm which is dirt cheap in terms of pricing. The texture is very fabulous, it is non sticky, it is light weight, leaves no whitish cast and hydrates lip very well. The goodness of shea butter helps soften and repair lips.

The packaging too is decent and hygienic. The lip balm has got no tint which is the only thing that I do not like about this lip balm. I only wish that this lip balm had at least a little tint to it.

Overall this is a superb lip balm which comes only for INR 25. This is definitely a must try lip balm.

What I Like About Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry:

  • Hygienic and travel friendly packaging.
  • Comes for dirt cheap Price.
  • Very light weight on lips.
  • Hydrates and repairs lips.
  • Non- Sticky.
  • Leaves no whitish cast.
  • Yummy strawberry fragrance.

What I Don’t Like About Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry:

  • Has no tint.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Recommend: Yes, it is definitely a lip balm which is worth trying. You will be amazed to see how this very economical lip balm performs. People running on a budget should definitely get it.

Have you tried Patanjali Strawberry Lip Balm?

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