Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Body Cleanser Review


Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Body 

When I bought this soap again, the sister asked when the entire world is stocking up on creamy body washes, you dry skinned psycho bought multani mitti soap, have you lost your mind?? I gave her my “o you unaware of hard ways of beauty” silly you look and took upon the mammoth task of explaining her why I keep buying this soap again and again. By the time I was done explaining the benefits of multani mitti, she snatched it away from me and now it has a permanent place in her bathroom shelf. Read on to find out why it’s such a hit in our household.


Patanjali Ojas MultaniMitti Cleanser


Product says: useful in rejuvenating, nourishing and glorifying the skin. Cough!! Tall claims.

Ingredients: Each 10 g contains : Sudha suhaga 25 mg, pudina sat 20 mg, kapoor bhimsani 20 mg, ajwain sat 5 mg, haldi mg, sweet chandan 5 mg, brahmi 5 mg, ghrit kumari 5 mg, neem 5 mg, manjisth 5 mg, tulsi 5 mg, Jatamansi 5 mg, bringraj 5 mg, licorice 5 mg, reetha 5 mg, nagarmotha 5 mg, plas 5mg.

Packaging: comes in a cardboard box which is full of details about the soap. The soap is muddy in colour and has a brilliant multani mitti smell. You may or may not like it.


Patanjali Ojas  Body Cleanser


Base material: natural oil base noodle, multani mitti, zinc oxide & mint – mogra perfume.

Price: INR 35 for 75 g.You can get it from here

My experience with Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Body Cleanser:

The best thing about this soap is that it lathers decently and the slight grainy texture makes it perfect for mild exfoliation. My dry skin becomes very dull in the winters and this soap helps me get rid of my dull dead skin and makes moisturisation easy. I hope I am making sense. *_* my sister has oily skin and she swears by it. She uses it daily and it helped her get rid of her back acne. I use it thrice a week coz of its clay formulation, it tends to make skin dry if used daily.


Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti


During summers I used it daily and it really helped me a lot in getting rid of tan. Even though I use sunscreen daily, I hardly ever reapply it which results in mild tanning and it works like magic on my slightly tanned arms. It gets brownie points in this department. I wasn’t expecting to be this good.

It does makes some tall claims which of course a soap cannot fulfil but still its way better than fab India, khadi and lotus soaps and costs almost half.


Patanjali MultaniMitti Body Cleanser


What I like about Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Body Cleanser:

  • Acts as a mild scrub.
  • Perfect for daily use for oily skinned beauties.
  • Smells exactly like multani mitti. <3
  • Helps in mild tan removal.
  • Helps cure back acne.
  • Easily available.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Contains loads of ayurvedic ingredients.
  • INDIAN brand.

What I don’t like about Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Body Cleanser:

  • Not apt for daily use if you have dry skin.

That’s it!! No other cons. I really love this soap a lot and I would recommend it to each one of you.

Rating: 4/5.

Have you tried Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Body Cleanser?

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