Patanjali Tejus Tailum Review


Patanjali tejus Tailum Review

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I picked up this oil after checking out its ingredients which impressed me to a good extent.Also, Patanjali products have become talk of the town so I also wanted to try them out 🙂


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This oil is good for application to the skin as an emollient helps the skin to balance water loss and absorption of moisture. It is high in the essential vitamin E. It provides relief in rheumatoid arthritis. It useful for driving up muscles and helps stimulating sweat glands and lowering temperature. The main ingredient of this oil are Badam Tail, Jaitun Tail, Akhrot Tail, Surajmukhi Tail, Til Tail, Soyabean Tail Mungfuli Tail, sarson Tail, Araund Tail. It is useful for hair and skin glow and improve strength


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My Experience with this oil

I use this for hair massage and also as body lotion at night. Small quantity of this oil is enough  to sink into the skin.I some time mix this oil with olive oil or almond oil (just to neutralize the effect of its strong smell) and oil has really worked for me .My skin is softer at the same time it’s glowing 🙂


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Pros:-Patanjali Tejus Tailum 


  • Ingredient list is great
  • It actually makes my body shine 🙂
  • Good oil for body massage
  • Pocket friendly


Cons:-Patanjali Tejus Tailum 

  • I just hate its smell…Its very strong perfume smell which is in tolerable


Rating: 3.5/5 (1.5 deducted for strong smell)


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  1. seems really nice for the skin…their fragrances r mostly very medicinal i agree but u can try adding a few drops of an EO to make it more bearable 🙂

  2. i havent tried Patanjali products since they are not available here.. dont want to order them online since I am unsure of what will suit my skin.. whatte pain 🙁 Ive been grumbling since morning .. lol 😀

  3. off-lately, I have fell in love wid Patanjali products. i have been using its’ paste, Manjans, soaps, detergents, etc. dey are VFM products as well as very Indian!! :dance-leftright:

  4. HI I loved reading everybody’s views regarding Pathanjali products. I have been using it’s products and medicines for many years and yet I have to find a fault with them. They are genuinely best and very much Indian products and I am so proud to feel that Indians can also make good quality product. I have introduced so many people n inspired them to use these wonderful products.

    I am a diabetic and initially used to take allopathic medicines but changed to Pathanjali medicines since then it has helped me in controlling my sugar levels
    just three months back due to high cholesterol and high weight I started taking medohar vati and hridyamrit vati and within three months I have lost 8 -9 kgs and 21 inches all my clothes now hang on me and yes I also do yoga thrice a week and do walk irregularly though but I have not stopped eating anything I love cheese and butter and eat them too in fact i do think if I had done walking and yoga daily and seen what was I eating and controlled just a bit then I think I wud hve lost even more weight my arms thighs waste bust hips stomach calves are almost fat free i feel slim these medicines have melted my fat n cholesterol so easily n so fast that even I did not notice it when others had started to comment on it I was so surprised and took my weight and measurements. It felt real nice 😀

    I am using their soaps mogra is all time fav, oil tejas very nice with sandalwood fragrance, dant manjan, shampoo is best and don’t need to use conditioner as well in fact my niece loved it so much that she bought two bottles of it took it abroad, my mother and sister also using the same we both loved tejas beauty cream and it not just cleans and clears your complexion but also there is a shine on your face coconut oil is very good my little toddler nephew is using it and his mother loves it and daily I give him badam pak it’s tastes is v good we both love it and daliya or khichri is v good and tasty for diabatese make it thrice a week recently bought gulab jal but hvnt tried it yet bought for my niece as well

    please recommened these products to help people being healthy.
    be proud to use such good indian products made in india and by indians and by using indian science and great research done by our great sages. Thanks to them for everything.
    thanks to babaji n acharyaji n their entire team of patanjali yog peeth n divya pharmacy

    • Hi Tanu I read ur comments,and liked it alot patanjali products are the real Indian best Products ever…If anybody want to go for Herbal he/she should choose Patanjali…The BEST…:)

  5. tejus tailum is very good hair or body oil. It absorbed by skin as quick i use it, But only matter is that i don’t like its fragrance.i got head ache if i smell it. it is best if it is smell-less

  6. Can any tell me which patanjali oil is good for hairs ? That can reduce hair fall ? I just 21 years old. So which will suit best for me ?


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