Peacock Eye Makeup Tutorial With Step By Step Pictures


Post by Upasana,

Hii everyone ! This eye makeup is inspired by the beautiful colors of peacock. The look is quite intense and extreme as it is a smokey look with various shades of dark blue , light green , silver and lots and lots of blending ! I’m doing it on one of my friend. So let’s start.
Step 1:– Apply gel eyeliner on eyelid:-

Prepare your eye lid with some primer, use urban decay primer potion or nyx eyeshadow base. Then use a black gel eyeliner to cover your eyelid, don’t make any particular shape. I’m using here Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting drama Gel eyeliner in blackest black . After applying it with a flat shader brush start blending it with a fluffy brush and slowly bringing the gel upwards towards the crease of the eye. Like this :-

Peacock  eye makeup tutorial

  •  Step 2:- Apply a dark navy blue color :-

After blending the gel eye liner, pat some dark navy blue color eye shadow onto your eyelid close enough to your eyelashes and blend it using a pencil brush or you can use an angular eye brush. The eye shadow I’m using is Miss Claire Professional eye shadow palette no. 06 (darkest blue). You can either choose a matte dark blue color also. After blending it softly , choose a peacocky green color and place it right in the center of your eyelid (just over the blue). Like this :-

peacock eye makeup


  • Step 3:– Place cosmetic glitter and line your eyes :-

Now placing a cosmetic glitter is totally optional and up to you, if your comfortable with it then use some cosmetic glue and apply it right on top of the green and then using a flat eye brush to pick some glitter and set it right on the place where we applied cosmetic glue. You just have to place it there don’t smudge it. Doing so would make all the glitter fall off. I’m using a local cosmetic glitter here. Now line your eyes with a black eyeliner and advance it out making a wing. Similarly fill in your waterline with black kohl/gel eyeliner whatever suits you. You might also want to fill it in with a white kohl pencil to add a drama , for this do line your bottom eyelashes with a black eyeliner. Like this:-

How To create a peacocky eyes

Step 4:- Highlight your brow bone and apply mascara :-

After lining your eye , highlight your brow bone with a cool-toned highlighter , a highlighter or an eye shadow which has silver feel in it. I’m here using Avon’s Color trend stackable color (in daylight pearl) which was a limited edition and is discontinued. Pick up small amount of highlighter and using a soft small fluffy brush or simply using your finger tip run across your brow bone to add that highlight and life to your eyes. Don’t pick up too much product or else it might look hideous because we want a soft highlight. Use lots of mascara on your upper lashes as well as lower lashes. I’m using Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express mascara. Fill in your eyebrows if you have gaps.

Peacock inspired smokey eyes

 Peacocky Eye Makeup Tips

    • Use white eye kohl pencil to fill in your waterline if you have small eyes.
    • Skip the glitter part if you want to tone it down for a day look.
    • Tone the whole look by reducing amount of product and practice well with the blending part.
    • Use an artistic brush to line your eyes if you hate the small eyeliner wands, this decreases the direct contact of brush & reducing any mistakes + the artistic brush have long neck which are great enough to hold firmly
    • Want to add a bit of drama ??  Try false eyelashes , pour small amount of eyelashes glue onto the back of your hand , hold the eyelash using a tweezer and sweep the ends of eyelash just over the glue ( don’t dip into it because we want a small amount of glue on eyelash just enough to make it bond with our real lashes) and place it right onto your real eyelashes sticking the corners of false eyelashes with your real ones. Let them dry for 10-12 seconds and after that if you see some white dried glue just use some black eyeliner to cover them up.
    • Pop on some under eye concealer after you’re done with the whole eye look to brighten the eyes.


Products used for eye makeup

  • Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting drama Gel eyeliner in blackest black.

  • Miss Claire Professional eyeshadow palette no.06 (darkest blue).

  • Chambor Trio Eyeshadow – 56 Sea Shimmer

  • Avon Color for eye- Daylight pearl ( discontinued)

  • Navy blue cosmetic glitter

  • Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

Navy blue cosmetic glitter

This was my First tutorial for wiseshe , I hope you all like it and try it out. You might not be able to get the same look but practice a lot because it needs the right blending technique. Practice & practice to achieve flawless look. Following is the final look (without any false eyelashes).


Smokey eye makeup tutorial +Peacoc eye makeup


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  1. Very very pretty Upasana…This is super pretty and has been done sooo cleanly…the fact that its neat makes it all the more attractive..

    Like the colors uv used..just one doubt the second step while applying the blue near the lashes, how far do u go while blending? up to the crease or do u blend and pack it in the same area?

  2. Today its all blue :makeup: … loving this look.

    OMG Zara…. i just went out for kite flying… and whn I am back I see sooooooooo many comments on my website. so sweet you read almost every article :kissed:

    Now I have to sit and answer all 😀

    • i know…tday is blue day…First A and now Upasana..and both such amazing smokey eye looks..i wait for the day when i can do such gr8 makeup…lekin i need practice to get gud which i dont do.. 🙁 🙁

      u went kite flying?? cool!! my hubby tells me bout how much fun it is but i myself have never done it.. 🙁

      hehe…actually i started reading and went on and on and dint realise when i reached the very first article..then i was like bass…Poor Divya will curse me! no need to comment on each re..that’ll b too comments r just to apprecitae ur writing.. 😉

      • We had kite flying in our office, I was just holding the string for my team mate… I myself don’t know how to fly 🙁

        No dear, its really so sweet of you… to comment on those articles :D… just enjoying replying them 😀

        Plus all these blue looks are compelling me to try one this weekend 😛

            • Bye!!

              Btw A…guess wot? J called the internet guys..they were saying that there is some tower repair goin on coz of rain…agar if its not repaired by tday evening then it’ll only happen on monday..which wud mean no net for 2 days!!! Waaahhhh!!!!

                • yaar m so irritated…after 3-4 weeks or roaming around and extreme stress i just wanted a weekend to laze infront of the lappy and on wiseshe…lein wo bhi lagta hai naseeb nahi hoga..Grrr…

                  btw, i think TBS ka sale shuru hone wala hai from tmoro..i got a mail 🙂 🙂

  3. hii zara… blending the blue is all upto you, if you wnt d intensity to be near lashes den finish it blending der only… you can also push it slightly outwards 😎

  4. oh yes one more thing .. don’t use too much product on the brush when it comes to blending. Just use small amount and blend it with small circular motions 🙂 for practice try it on your hands :laugh:

  5. Upasana its so neatly done and the finished pics look beautiful…blending..sigh !! I will have to practice really a lot to get anywhere close tou you or Anu..

      • its good na atleast we get to see decent Indian makeup now .I am not saying abt myself but i do see some girls really doing fab girl and upasana is one of them 🙂

        • yes..its gr8 t learn new stuff…and amateurs like me learn how to use colors which we never thought of using b4.. :dance-leftright:

  6. this is really awesome upasana :d loved the colors and you blended them so nicely that the colors are so very much visible 😀 loved it :-* :-* :-* will def. try to re-create the look :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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