Pearl Drops Tooth polish Review

Pearl Drops Tooth polish review+tooth whitening
  • Price: Between INR 200-300
  • Quantity: 50 ml

My Experience with Pearl Drops Tooth polish:

Though I brush my teeth twice but from the past one-two months I have been brushing my teeth only once at night. Kidding! 😛 I mean morning 😀

And, therefore my teeth got pretty stained. Seeing the words ‘Pearl Drops’ written on the bottle while being in a chemist shop, I got tempted and bought this thinking that it would polish teeth real white.

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Pearl Drops Tooth polish review+Pearl Drops Tooth polish ingredients


By real white, I don’t mean what Ross achieved in FRIENDS serial. For those not familiar with what I said, a character called Ross put on some teeth whitening gel on his teeth for his date that day. He actually put that gel on a much much longer duration than what was said on it and while in his date, when the lights were switched off, his teeth shone like white laser light! It was hilarious!! 😀

Coming back to the product, I used this tooth polish regularly for two weeks. It has a mild peppermint flavor, nothing too strong. It’s a refreshing flavor. The tooth polish is liquidy which makes difficult for me to use it for more than 30 seconds as it dissolves so quickly. This means using more amount than the regular toothpaste. Though this makes mouth a little dry, but using a mouthwash after it solves this problem.

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Pearl Drops Tooth polish review+ whitening toothpaste


After one week of using it, the stains from my teeth were removed pretty well. After two weeks, my teeth looked white with stains removed considerably.

But to be honest, the results I achieved with this tooth polish were just fine. I would have got the same results with brushing my teeth twice with my regular toothpaste and using a mouthwash along with it.



Pearl Drops Tooth polish review+best toothpaste


Pros of Pearl Drops Tooth polish:

  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Refreshing taste.
  • You have to use it more because of the liquid texture of the toothpolish.
  • Removes stains well.

Cons of Pearl Drops Tooth polish:

  • The speed at which it makes teeth white is same as that of a regular tooth paste.
  • Expensive for its quality.

All in all, save your money by not buying this and just brush your teeth twice for white teeth.

God Bless You! 😀


Have you tried Pearl Drops Tooth polish?


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  1. Aww this looked sooo promising!! Too bad it’s just average 🙁 I love spearmint flavor n i feel like trying this out 😀

  2. hiiiiiii heena…… :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: i want those perfect white teeth.. but never found anything lik this here!!!! m gonna try it!!! is it available online heens??


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