Peel Off Lip Tattoo India – Does It Work ?


Peel Off Lip Tattoo

Hi All,

I am going to share another review for an Aliexpress product that I just purchased. It is the lip tattoo. I found out that people were going crazy about these and so I thought let me try it. But in India, it is actually selling at INR 800 or even more which somehow did not appeal to me. I in fact told one of the sellers that it is pretty expensive so he only suggested me that I might want to buy it from Aliexpress. The only catch with Aliexpress is the delayed delivery which is usually one month or so. I also had ordered two colours – Red and peach but the peach one is yet to reach me.

So let’s see if this tattoo works at the price of US$ 2. After all its from China.

lip tattoo +beautiful lips

To begin with let me remove all the lip stains whatever is left over from my last application. I ordered pigmented shade of red as my lips are pigmented. Now i would apply the colour. The fragrance of the product is quite good. The colour looks good and spreads a little more than usual which means it could enter my mouth. I have applied a thick layer so that the tattoo comes off easily. I have applied enough and a more amount would make me look funny. I actually do not like the look as well as the wet feeling. It is quite bad and sticky. It looks so heavy on my lips and makes me appear funny.

Now that its dry, I have lost the patience to keep it and I want to remove it. It’s been 10 minutes and I cannot wait more than this. It feels very messy to remove and it actually is not my kind of thing. It is testing my patience as I cannot remove it easily.

ingredients lip tattoo

The tint is visible once I have come back but I am sure now that this product is not for me at least. Firstly I cannot work for me because I am an impatient person and this for me is a miss for sure.

I have already waited enough for this product to show its colour on my lips and all I got was a messy experience which I just could not take it.

May be I applied it wrongly but I still would not want to use it and even the peach one which would be arriving sometime soon now. I am really not up to the pain of applying and removing this tattoo. This actually gets messy when you apply and makes you rub your lips again and again. After the wash only a tint is bit visible which means if I apply peach colour, the tint would not even be visible.

lip tattoo review

The drying process was long enough to make me go crazy. It was not even worth it as did not make me look or feel good about my look. It ended up looking natural and I am not at all appeased with it. If anyone of you knows how to apply it then please do comment and let me and other followers of the blog know.

I would not like to order it again and for me this Aliexpress product sure is a MISS!

Here is the video review  of the product.



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