Perfect Regime For Soft Hands & Feet


Perfect Regime For Soft Hands & Feet

How many of us are very particular about our face, arms and legs? How many of us moisturize our skin before going to sleep or before starting for work? Almost all of us right? But do we bestow same level of care to our hands and feet? I am sure most of us do not find time or are too tied up to go up from basic moisturization of our face and arms. The truth, however is that we must care for our hands and feet alike our other body parts.

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Hands are the worst affected as we often end up putting them to use to cook, to wash clothes or to wash dishes and so on. All of this daily stuff rips off the moisture from our hands and makes them rough. There has to be a perfect regime to be religiously followed so that one could have healthy pair of hands and feet all the year through.

Special Winter Care

Different seasons have different impacts on our hands and feet. Like in summers, one could feel the tan and heat ruining the supple hands we can have. And in winters, dryness takes over our skin and we are left with whitish looking dry hands and feet. In order to have a better looking body overall, we must fit in this regime. It is simple to follow. Let’s have a look at it and then decide!

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At the outset prepare yourself with a few ingredients you would need. Rose water or Lavender Oil or Rose Oil, a scrubber, a lemon, a knife, some sugar, almond oil or olive oil, cotton and a pair of socks and gloves.

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Now, first soak your feet and hands in lukewarm water, one by one of course. You may start with hands or legs as per your choice. Put some rose water or rose oil or lavender oil in water. Keep them in water for 10 minutes, post which pat dry using a towel. Now cut the lemon into half and using sugar, scrub the rough areas of your hands and feet. Do this with gentle circular motions. Sugar and lemon act as exfoliators and they cleanse your skin from deep within.

Oil Care

Now rinse your hands or feet and then pat dry.

Now pour some almond oil or olive oil over cotton and apply on your feet and arms. Purge the oil in between your toes and fingers. Now cover your feet with socks and hands with gloves to allow the oil to seep in your skin.


The best time to do this is before sleeping every night so that the treatment works to nourish your palms and feet while you sleep.

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Another solution is to soak your feet and apply Vaseline and then cover your feet and palms with socks and gloves respectively. This is also advised to be done every night.

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If we fit this simple technique into our daily regime every day, we are sure to have soft and supple pair of palms and feet for others to envy. This is something very basic but we fail to find time to do this and this is where we lag.

Hope this gives you an idea on what we are missing out on and you find time to heel those cracks in your feet and those dried palms which are dried due to daily chores of life which are absolutely unavoidable. But using these simple tricks, we can assure ourselves of beauty all over.

Have you tried this skincare regime for hands and feet?

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