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Zap Away Acne in 45days

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ACNE– I still get goosebumps when I think of this word and the terrible memories linked with it.

I had horrible acne during my teens. It all started during my HSC boards and more specifically at the time when one of the most unfortunate event happened in Mumbai dated 26th July, floods in the city. It was not only a jinx for the city but hit my life as well. Because I had very clear, almost flawless healthy skin which was destroyed due to acne and with the stress I took. I did everything, used so many medicines,  tried many facepacks but somehow nothing helped. My face was getting worst every year. And there came a time, when I visited two doctors, doctors put me on ISOTROIN-20 then ISOTROIN-10. It worked till I took those medicines and again used to come back once I stop taking them. It was really annoying me. Because, people who knew how healthy my skin was earlier, started showing sympathy towards me on my bad skin and few of them purposely annoyed me with their stupid questions? What happen?? Your skin.. was so good.. I told you not to use make –up! Arrghhhh! I feel like killing the female whoever gives me this dialogue “Don’t use make-up it will spoil your skin”.

For godsake, nobody died because of make up.I have seen so many beautiful ladies with clear skin and yet love using make-up. Leaving make-up will be the last thing I will do, Actually…sorry! It simply doesn’t come in my list..not even last! I SO LOVE MAKE-UP. Its like someone is asking me to give them a part of me. Coming back to the topic, Finally when nothing work,  I got someone which helped me a lot to get rid of my acne and hence I thought I will share with you girls here. There was this Aunt who I met at some wedding, she saw my skin and immediately adviced me to eat this “churan” for 45days and guaranteed that I wont even have a single boil on my skin henceforth.Along with the churan she also told me to apply a face pack that she was going to write and give me. She said,”It will help you to get rid of your current acne and churan will stop occurrence of new ones”. She wrote the ingredients on a paper and also showed me how to make the churan. I asked her “how come she knew about this churan”? that was the time she disclosed that even she had terribly acne and went to best of the doctors even the doc who make Clearasil products but it didn’t work for her. She had stubborn acne and only after gulping this churan religiously for 45days she is now acne-free and I really seen her face almost flawless and glowing. I thought lets give this a try.

How to make the churan–

Ingredients required –

Ajwain 50gms

Amla 25gms

Hardde 25 gms

Bahedde 25gms

Lavang 20gms

Black salt (crushed) approx and Aesofolida (heeng) approx (You will get all of these in a kirana/grocery shop)

Wrap all the ingredients in a cotton cloth and roast it!

Finally, store the finely powdered churan in a plastic container and take 1tbsp every night before going to bed till 45days…

The churan will help clearing your system and stop occurrence of new boils also it will help to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Face pack for acne –

Ingredients required



Coriander leaves


  • Ground all the ingredients together so that it becomes a paste, oily skin girls can add 1 spoon of cucumber juice.
  • Keep for 10-15mins and wash off with cold water.

My Experience with the Face pack

Honestly, I have not religiously followed it for 45days , must have taken for some 20-25days but saw a lot of improvement in my skin and thereafter, I lost patience and when to see a derma and she helped me a lot to get my acne gone. But my sister religiously had the churan and applied face pack alternatively and I asked her did this work for you? And she did say “yes”. .. I just have blemishes now; can you see any pimples on my face? And yes there were hardly any boils on her face, just the blemishes and I even noticed her skin is become brighter than before and glowing.

If you are one of the victims of Acne, then I think you should give this a try for sure. It is inexpensive and 1 spoon is all you have to have. It is not great in taste but not too bad either.

Do let me know how it worked on you?

Take care! 🙂

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  1. I don’t really have serious acne, but a few boils on my forehead, thanks to PMS and Dandruff.. Otherwise, my skin is pretty clear. But this one sounds very promising! I’ll give this a shot pukka!! 🙂 I shud find out the tamil names for a few products first 🙂
    Bless you lady!! :heart:

  2. @ Erica – cool erica.. sounds really promising… how about a face pack to get rid of blemishes…

    @Sandhya: here are some tamil transalations for the churan ingredients –

    Ajwain – Omam seeds
    Amla – Nellikai
    Lavang – lavangam, clove
    aesofotida – perungayam
    behade – taanri
    harde – also known as haritaki – kadukkai in tamil

    amla, behada, harde are together known as triphala (meaning three fruits in equal proportions)… so jus getting triphala mix should do well for the churan i suppose… 🙂

  3. ook thnku:)…n i dint understand the quantities of black salt n heeng? is it supposed to b to taste??n i dint understand the roasting process? how can v do tht in a cloth?

    • black salt and heeng should be taken like half teaspoon…no not for tasting!
      wrap all the ingredients inside a cloth and roast it on a pan on the gas!
      Hope u got it! :-))

  4. me too had horrible acne for 2-3 years.. then i found this treatment called Chandik herbal treatment.. using it on and off for almost 8 years… me happy with it..never looked at any other product.. :cute:

  5. dats helpful article 🙂

    i m sure teenagers wud lov it

    also acne or not tulasi fr summers is sooo awesome

    bt dn’t knw frm whr I can get tulasi leaves nw :-/

  6. thanku gals 🙂

    @Sandhya – its wud be easy for u to pick triphala powder in most of the ‘naatu marundu kadai’ ‘s 😉
    i m from chennai… but settled in hyd now.. 😀

    @Erica – wat killer tips u give baby…. 😀 i m gonna try tat blemish pack stuf tomo…. n the hair tip also sounds cool…. atleast better than henna… 😀

    • @Revathy – Awesome! Namma Chennai I see 😀
      For blemishes – you can apply clove oil (stings awfully) and also grinding kadukkai seeds and applying them on the spots also works .. Kadukkai aka Hardde 😀
      @Vish – for Tulasi leaves, simply grow a plant 🙂 You get free supply of leaves ! 😀

        • Ohh u cant even keep a pot in ur window’s corridor or something?
          I stay in an apartment too but luckily on ground floor with a big balcony and too many plants… 😀

          • @Vish: You can find a small space on the corridor or atleast place one in the balcony.
            @Erica: tell me bout it 😛 I have a thing for flowers and I’ve planted a few of them in the backyard of my apartment 😀

            • Same here..Sandhya! Got shoeflower plant for “BAPPA” O:-)
              Got rose plant, mogra plant..tulsi, neem,papaya plant and few more ..but dont know the names 😀 😛

  7. @Vish – chk if u get banjaras products in ur city…. they hv a tulsi powder in their range.. which is affordable n good quality wise too….

  8. Hi !!!!!
    Erica i feel ur pain honey!!!!!!
    Having great skin for a really long time and then BOOM! its pimple frenzy…..aaaaaarrrrrggghhh :-X :-X

    • Seriously! Hated those days.,. I used to cry like anything!!! :-((

      But now m more beautiful than before.. thank god! they came during my teens and not now! :sweat:

  9. Hi,

    Can anyone give me the Kannada or English equivalents for Hardde and Bahedde?

    Thanks in advance and special thanks to Erica for sharing and Anamika for posting!!

  10. @Sandhya – yeah… i shall ask my mom to get my supply of kadukkai seeds this time then… i can rememb my childhood days.. when my grandma used to give all of us in the family.. kadukkai soaked overnight in buttermilk first thing on sat morning.. to flush out toxins from the body…. i used to run away somewhere those days..

    and lo behold… i m plannin to buy tat now… 🙂

    • All for you skin ! :hug-makeup: And hey, you can ask your mom to get you a sandalwood stick, you can make your own sandalwood paste with it 🙂 Looks very cute, but I’ve never tried using them though..

      • oh! i have used sandalwood stick too..loved the fragrance..My Maa..(grand mom) use to have it for Puja and i use to apply it on my face:P

  11. @ Ani – wat wud be the shipping charge for Hyd ani? i m interested in buying few oriflame prods… do u also represent Avon?

  12. ya revathy me is an avon rep too…………… bt now so much oriflame work…. so stopped distribution products for next 2 months……………………. from june i’ll become total supplier again………………… 🙂

  13. a permanent solution for acne??!??! amazing! m gona give this link to my friends….so many of them still suffer from adult acne and its really painful ya…

  14. Erica this is like a life saver for many…though i dont have much acne prob no i would like to try it…and how do to take it? mix with water , milk ??

  15. One more question, since Revathy suggested Triphala churna, will it change the efficacy if i add the powder to the remaining roasted and powdered herbs?

    • Like revathy said .. triphala powder is nothing but trio of amla harde n bahde ..
      So if u take triphala powder ajwain n lavang n roast it.. it will be good!
      I dont think so .. it would make much difference!

  16. Wohooo i’l go and get this khazaana on weekend then…i’m sure i’l find triphala churna at Patanjali..thankuu

  17. i rushed to stylecraze to look.. cause i wanted the banjaras powders.. but its not there in stylecraze.. i wanted hibiscus, methi, ritha, amla etc.. not there …. 😥
    anybody know an indian site to buy these online

  18. sorry for the late comeback gals.. office sucks these days…

    @Erica – oops.. didn check tat mascara stuff only.. i was planning to pick a couple of tat new very me eye pencils, abosulte concealer for eyes, pure hide & treat & a couple of lipsticks….

    u know so tough… i restricted my big list….. but ended up adding them in Avon 😀

    • Ohh how kewl?? actually I know oriflame have great products.. But didnt which are the must have’s.
      so jus buying that lash booster n wonder lash which everyone rave about!

      Any recco’s..revathy for oriflame?

  19. gals.. did u all chk the sunglasses from Avon catalog.. retro chic model… its a steal for one who doesnt hav somethin similar already..

  20. @Ani – u mean the swedish spa range? is it good? how abt this royal velvet range? i hv been wanting to try the cleanser from this range…

  21. heyyyyyy so useful article erica….. thanks a tonnn for sharing, but i hv a query how to roast ingredients with cotton cloth? I t wold be great if you tell me.

    • Sorry for the late reply…Rachana! Just put everything on the cotton cloth and roast it on a frying pan…keep the gas on low lit.. just roast it for sum 5-10mins n dats it..! Hope that helped! :-))

  22. Hi This sounds like a good home remedy. One question – what are Hardde and Bahedde? Would you know the english names? Thanks for sharing this remedy for acne!

    • Aparna .. u can simply buy triphala powder instead of hardde bahedde individually as,,, the triphala powder is a trio of all the 3 powders..amla, hardde and bahedde! :-)) Available easily in any grocery or ayurvedic shop!

    • Nope nisita..pimple doesnt occur after stoppping it as far as I Know..
      n u have to take it everyday till 45days!

    • nisita..see 1st of all how it works on ur face.. if after 45 days still u have ..take it for some more time…
      n den once u clear up leave it!

  23. Hi Erica,
    I am new to reading blogs, read ur blog today only.
    I know very late.. Wanted to know does this churan actually works…
    I have very small 2 acne all over my face.
    can you give me english names of Hardde and Bahedde.


  25. Hi..I just wanted to ask is there any remedy for DARK CIRCLES…..If anyone have any cure treatment then please do share.

  26. Hi, I have been eating this churan for about 15 days. I am starting to break out not too much but I definitely seem to have a few more pimples than I did before i started to eat the churan. My aunt told me sometimes acne treatments make the acne worse before better. Can anyone second that? Should I continue eating the churan for the 45 days?

    • i just now bought triphala churna from ayurvedic shop….this churna consists of the following in equal quantities:

      1. taanikaya(in telugu) or harad ,haritaki (in hindi) or bellerica myrobalan (in english)

      2. usirikaya ( in telugu ) or amla ( in hindi) or indian goose berry (in english)

      3. karakkaya(in telugu) or baheda( in hindi) or terminalia chebula / chebulic myrobalan ( in english )

  27. so one need not buy harad , amala n baheda separately….im planning to start this remedy from today onwards 🙂
    i have pimples all over my face . i have acne problem from oct2012….i bought biotique acne gel 199/- one month back….im using it daily once n sometimes twice….i didnt find any difference ….may be becoz of my severe acne….
    hope this ayurvedic remedy works!!!


  28. anamika…..thank you 🙂

    can i mix that churna powder with water or buttermilk? found difficult to eat churna powder alone 🙁

  29. Thanks a lot… Erica !!!
    my face was full of acne n pimples(big ones)…i tried this remedy ….initially after using for 3-4 days.. pimples increased !!! i got worried then i stopped taking it daily …i took this churna every alternate day for 2 weeks im only left with marks 🙂
    Those who are suffering from pimples/acne must try this remedy for sure !!

  30. i am starting this remedy from tonight. Hope to see the positive result. Will post my feedback after a week or so!! 🙂

  31. hello mam
    any body if can help me i ll be more than glad…
    i have marks all over my body esp on legs…which looks so bad,,,it z bcz of itchng and mosquito bites and insect bites…my skin is much sensitive…i am applying cocunt oil and have concerned many doctors but no releif….the marks and itching z still there..
    P.S i m gonna be a bride soon…i need help badly..

  32. Hi

    thanks for such amazing post. I ve neva had acne problm but now all of suddn started to gt pimples ,i rlly want to try this churan bt m nt allowed to take vitamin c 🙁 so is der any substitute of amla in ds churan


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