Petuna Fresh Cleansing Wipes Review


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What does the product claim:

Petuna fresh cleansing wipes clean and revitalize your skin while the crisp and gleaming touch of green tea protects the skin from sun burn and gives you a fresh and tidy appearance all day.

Available in orange, lime, chamomile, aloevera also. (They had called these “flavour” on the pack, which I find really funny. The moment I hear word “flavours”, I see the ice cream flavours)

Petuna Fresh Cleaning Wipes
Size: 10 individual wipes
Price: 100 /- is written as MRP but I got it in 42/-, which came to me as a huge surprise.

Petuna Fresh Cleaning Wipes Review

Petuna Fresh Cleaning Wipes Ingredients

How to use – Nothing is mentioned.
My experience with the product: Petuna is an unheard of brand for me. I just saw it once at a store and got it. I have Himalaya baby care wipes but I wanted individually packed wipes to keep in my purse as I have a long history of letting the wipes go dry by not keeping them carefully, not closing the packet properly and so on.


What I liked about the product:

  • The price is reasonable. 10 wipes for 42/- seems fair to me. That too when I don’t use them regularly.
  • The smell is refreshing. It reminds me of green, big leaves.
  • It’s so easy to carry .I just keep 2-3 wipes in my purse at all times.
  • The wipes remove all traces of normal make up like tinted moisturizer, light foundation, kajal, lipstick, lip gloss. It also removes mascara to some extent.
  • They are not at all oily, which is a big boon for an oily like me.
  • The individual packaging is very handy.
  • Skin feels clean, moisturized and fresh after usage.

Petuna Fresh Cleaning Wipes Experience
What I did not like about the product:

  • The availability is the biggest con. I had just seen them once at one store.
  • I wished they come in large Himalaya like packs too. Although I like these for their packaging but it would have been nice to have green tea wipes in normal, large packets.
  • The sun burn protection and tidy appearance all day is just a tall claim

Verdict: I really liked the product and wouldn’t mind grabbing few packets when I see them. Sooooo waiting to try out orange and aloevera “ flavours”.


  1. These look nice..and like Ze said, individual packs make it easy to carry around…else i dont carry my wet tissues cause of it being a huge pack…where did you buy this?

  2. good to see it works.. i saw it here on spencers.. ( yaay, atleast something is here.. :D).. But i didnt buy it as i was a little skeptical abt the brand, so bought kara .. nw i will… :yes:


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