Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115) Review


Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115)


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I recently purchased a hair dryer from Philips as my I got bored with my previous one which had only two speed settings. Today I will be sharing my experience with this hair dryer and how satisfactory this purchase has been for me…:-)


Philips Care Control Hair Dryer


About Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115)

Experience the best hair care and drying with the Philips Dryer HP-8115. It comes with 1200W gentle drying that creates the optimum level of airflow and gives beautiful results. You can control your drying with its three flexible settings and create amazing hair style. It has integrated nozzle for maximum and effective drying without spoiling your hair. The foldable handle makes this dryer extremely portable and handy. You can carry it wherever you go and store. When you are not using, you can hang it as it is equipped with easy storage hook. It has 1.5 power cord and cool air setting for gentle drying and is ideal for all kinds of hair.

Price- Rs 995 (I got it for Rs 943 on discount…:-))You can buy it from here

Wattage- 1200W

Voltage- 220-240V


Philips Hair Dryer 8115


My experience with Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115)

This was one of my first purchases of this month and due to the dropping level of mercury in my region, it came to my rescue at the right time. Since the day it has arrived, I am using it regularly as I wash my head every alternate day.

This hair dryer comes with three speed settings, two of which are the normal hot air drying on gentle & strong modes. An additional feature of this hair dryer is the cool air setting which is very good for summers and also great for styling the hair.


Philips dryer hair


The hot setting (both gentle & strong) is very efficient and is capable of drying wet hair in a few minutes itself. I use the gentle hot drying setting most of the time as I don’t prefer the strong setting for my hair. The strong hot drying is very hot and immediately dries up the hair, so if someone is in a super hurry, I will suggest going with that setting, otherwise the gentle hot drying setting is sufficient for daily use…:-)

The hair dryer is white and light green in color and has a foldable handle which makes it very easy to carry along with you as it doesn’t occupies much space.

The cord length is approximately 1.5 meter so that you get enough space to set your hair in front of the mirror rather than near the switch board…:-)


Hair dryer 8115 philips


My final thought over this purchase is very satisfactory and from a brand like Philips I was quite certain that I will not be disappointed in any way…:-)

What I like about Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115):

  • Three speed settings
  • Good cord length
  • Easy to carry along while travelling
  • Looks great and classy
  • Cool air setting for everyday styling
  • Economically priced

What I don’t like about Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115):

  • No con for this product…! I am in love with this appliance…!

Product Rating- 5/5

Would I recommend Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115)- Yes…definitely…!

This is a great hair dryer for the price and is from a reputed brand of electronics.

Have you tried Philips Care & Control Hair Dryer (HP-8115)?

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  1. I’ve another model of Philips hair dryer and that was probably around1200/-. I like that as it has ions, 3 speeds, 3 heat modes and a cool shot button :)) and also a separate nozzle for focus

  2. Philips dryer are great and affordable I am using one and happy with it… nice review dear and I know 5/5 really worth it.. :))


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