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Philps Hair Drayer - Philips Lightest AC Dryer

I have been using this hair dryer since three years but somehow never thought of reviewing it although I  use it almost 2-3 times a week.Sometimes the product which you use the most is ignored terribly and I  wonder why .Today it struck  me  to review it and while I was clicking the picture box look so old and  that I was too excited clicking it pictures.

Bloggers are in a habit of reviewing so called new product/launches so much that it kind of becomes an addiction :D.

About Philips Lightest AC Dryer:-

  1.  Ultra slim airjet nozzle for precision styling
  2. Ion Breeze for frizz free , shiny hair
  3. Professional long life AC Motor
  4. Cool shots set your style
  5. Gentle ceramic care for heat protection
  6. Hectic speed settings

Philips hair dryer reviews

  • Price – I didn’t find this model.May be it has not been taken back by the company but exactly similar model I found on flipkart from babybliss company here

What makes Philips Lightest AC Dryer worth buying?

1) It has too nozzle so one can use it for volume as well as for hair straightening apart from blow drying

2) It has long cord of 2.5 m unlike other hair dryers which gives lot of flexibility

3)It has an easy clean filter

hair dryer review

4) This is the volume diffuser  which enhances volume, for curls and bouncy styles.Although I have mostly used it for blow drying and hair straightening.

5) It’s of 2000 W it doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes to blow dry my hair.It takes longer if I want to straighten them up though.

6)It has lot of heat function and one can switch to cool mode and can actually dry hair preventing hair from getting damage.

7) I won’t say that body is light weight but I don’t see the weight mentioned on the outer covering.

best philips hair dryer

8) What I love most about this hair  dryer is that it reduces frizz and add bit of shine

9)It has gentle ceramic care for heat protection.

Philips AC Hair dryer details

One doesnt need a hair straightener with this hair dryer but if you are like me who is always short on time then blow dry hair for 10 min with this and then use a hair straightener.It will give you natural looking straight hair in 15 minutes or max 20 minutes.

Below are few pics of mine where I have used this hair straightener:-

clorbar lipstick reviews

Picture below was taken a year back and my hair quality has really changed now.Thanks to two hair packs which I keep using and my protein diet.Do check out my weight loss story here and about our weight loss programme too.

how to get longer hair

I swim every alternate days and still they have not dried out although do need lot of care and attention.

Hair dryer Philips
Hair dryer Philips

What I did not like about Philips Lightest AC Dryer:-

  • Wish body could be little more light weight
  • Not travel friendly as its quite bulky.

Will I recommend to others -Definitely! If you are into lot of heating products then definitely go for it.

Wise She Rating – 4.5/5

Have you tried Philips Lightest AC Dryer?

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  1. Wow you look so gorgeous dear… I have tried Philips curling wand but haven’t tried their blow dryer still .. the product looks great. Thanks for sharing with us :-*

  2. Hi Ana di..
    Nice review.
    You look so pretty 🙂
    Do you watch teen wolf? If not , check out Lydia from teen wolf…You look exactly like her (Indian Version of course). 😀

  3. @Shreya – thanks try it out ..its worth the money 🙂

    @Chaitrali — I don’t watch it but I am just going to Google her 🙂

  4. So gorgeous you are anamika 🙂 i got to know you live in noida and i always thought you’re from Mumbai, don’t know why 😛 ( you can accuse me of being a stalker 😉 😛 – all thanks to Facebook :D)

  5. I have always wanted to try out diffuser but didn’t really need for short hair 😉 If I grow my hair now I will certainly give this a try.. Tho wl hv to chk d electric settings to ensure it works in US :-..
    Anamika u look gorgeous in every pic.. I almost forgot about the dryer 😉

  6. Great review..I have my philips hair dryer but I am eying upon the straightener you have reviewed here…I too wish to get poker straight hairstyle now..!


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