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Philips HP4696

Hi beauties 🙂

Today I’d be reviewing a multi-styler salon stylist from the very much known brand Philips. Well this is going to be a long review 😀 so sit back and relax.

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About Philips Multi-styler Salon Stylist :-

The salon stylist gives you versatility to create the latest style for every occasion.

  • Price : Rs.1995/- I bought it from  here


  • Beautifully Styled hair
  • Ceramic plates for smooth gliding and shiny hair
  • Straightener attachement to create beautiful sleek hair
  • Slide-on spiral for beautiful ringlets
  • Large curling tong for big curls
  • 3 styles: straight, big curls and waves

*(information from website)


• Includes 2 hairclips for easy partitioning and styling
• Heat resistant pouch
• Includes Straightner, crimper, curler, and a ringlet

My experience  Philips Multi -Styler Salon Stylist:-

Well my sis bought it impulsively when she saw this one, and handed this over to me. Being a curious person I was so excited that with this one styler I can style my hairs easily. To some extent it its true, but on the other hand I’m not so patient while using electronics like these :duh: .It claims to provide following hairstyles :-
• Large curls (with large curling attachment)
• Ringlets/waves (with Large curling attachment and slide-on spiral)
• Crimps (with crimping/straightening and crimping/straightening plates with the curved sides pointing towards each other)
• Straight sleek style with flicks (with crimping/straightening attachment and its plates with the flat sides pointing towards each other)

Now the whole thing comes with total 3 attachments (with their respective use)
1) Straightener/crimper :-
The straightener and crimper are the plates with each of them on the opposite side of each other. You can easily change the plates from the crimper side to the straightner side. It says that it has ceramic plates, and Ceramic is microscopically smooth and durable by nature and it is one the best materials for straightening plates. The plates glide effortlessly through your hair, giving you perfect shiny hair.

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2) Large curling tong and Ringlet:-
The large curling tong also is made of ceramic, and like all other curling tongs it does help in getting nice curls, and you can use them to get tight curls or just slight curls 😉 And as for the ringlet (see below in pic) I haven’t been able to use it properly, infact I just don’t know how to use it  maybe I’m not doing justice with it 😕

Philips hair styler+hair style+Hair care+

3) Heat Resistant Pouch and Hair clips :-
The pouch they have provided is very good :yes: because I can simply put the styler into it without having wait for it to cool down  infact its very travel friendly. It has a flap, and when you open it, inside there are 5 small pouches and 1 long pouch to keep your different attachments. They also provide 2 hair clips (like the one hair stylists use) which I think is of not much use to me, because they either don’t hold much of my hair or are just for “being there”.

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Besides everything included here, they also do provide a manual leaflet (which is like more of a road map :rotfl: ) The styler is easy to use, as it has swivel cord which helps in preventing tangles in the wire + the wire is quite long enough. I don’t know how the styler will work on thick coarse and frizzy hairs, but I guess that’s why it’s a styler and should do equal justice to these type of hairs too.

Worth or not ? Definitely its worth, for any girl looking for a styler, this could be of much help as it helps in getting you those straight sleek hair, beautiful curls and spiral curls, and crimped hairs (well they’re not in fashion :-/ ) But for me I would prefer my Remington Ceramic Straightener any day, not that Philips styler is bad but because I usually don’t style my hairs, just straight them on occasions (if any and that too rarely), and on any normal day I have long spiral curls at the end of my hair so don’t really need a curler :P, so I will give it back to my sis  But all you girls who need all-in-one styler this could be a dream for you !!

Have you used Philips Styler ??

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  1. wow thts a gr8 multi tasking product.. same here oopsi i have natural curls at d end of my hair :highfive: m gonna soon get a haircut :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

  2. ohh nice, i am actually in a bad need of a hair styler.. i am bored of my extra long straight hair.. wanna do something new.. i always tie them up in a bun which am obviously bored of.

  3. Lovely review switty..i have this same wala styler and i also hardly ever use it….and incidentally, i too prefer the remington wala straightener…ive realised i dont really need the curlin attachment 🙂 apne aap ban hi jaate hain after bathing 🙂

  4. This looks nice-I really want a hair styling kit-as my hair is getting long :birthday-dance: :birthday-dance: :birthday-dance: and Philips is also a most reliable brand!!!! thanks for the review!!!

  5. I would love to get curls in my hair….but mine are poker straight :-(( and they are not that healthy a bunch so cant try this one..scared of damaging my 4 strands..


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