Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo Review


Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo

Hello Everyone!

Today i am going to review the Physician formula shimmer strips custom eye enhancing mascara duo as I promised. It is definitely very innovative and appealing mascara which is a combination of two colours. It is one of my favourite brands, so I just had to try this mascara and like always just had to share the review with you.

The first thing about the mascara that would appeal you is its packaging. I know we must not believe in the packaging to judge a product but this one is simply great as a packaging as it is too cute and girly to be ignored. You would not like to ignore the packaging and it is one of the urges to use the product too apart from the brand image.

physicians formula custom eye enhancing mascara duo

Regarding the product, it is two in one brightening mascara that would definitely make you happy. It features a black colour with a hint of metallic shimmer to dramatically enhance your natural eye colour. It also gives an extra ultra volume to your eye lashes and also imparts some length to them.

There is also brownish grey colour on the other side of the stick. It’s a  different shade but my preference goes out to the black one out of the two. This is because its consistency is very thick and it actually adds volume to my lashes with just two coats of the same. I need not worry much about the consistency of the mascara on my eyes. I am good to go with these two coats. The wand of the black mascara is quite thick and big and the other side is on a softer side with the wand made of rubber.On the left side we have swatch of greyish  brown mascara and on the right side we have swatch of black mascara.

Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo Swatch:-

physician formula shimmer strip duo mascara swatch

The longevity of both mascara sides is good and long but I think the black one clump a little. It is the downside for this mascara. The brown one does not clump that much.

One more thing about the mascara colours is that both these shades can be used together for many looks as these are quite coordinated colours.  And one could also coordinate some multiple coloured look using these.  I also noticed that both the wands give good amount of product and most of the mascara gets collected at the tip of the wand which is good for a perfect application though might lead to some unnecessary loss of the mascara as well.

physician formula shimmer strip mascara eye swatch

Overall, I have a mixed review about this mascara as it is good in most parts but still does have some fallacies which I cannot ignore being into this profession. Ethically, one could say that this mascara is decent as it stays longer, has a good finesse, the product is very much appraised as coming from a good brand. But still, the small things which count as its loopholes cannot be overlooked.

physician formula shimmer strips duo mascara

I only have one good reason to repurchase it since I have seen some better products already. And this reason would solely be the price. Since it is subtly priced compared to other products, I can still look to purchase it and use it until I find a better one. The wands, colours are great but the performance lacks a bit. So mixed reviews from my side, what about you?

What I like about Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo?

  • 1 mascara in two colours black and greyish brown
  • cute and girly packaging of masacara
  • stays very long period of time
  • very thick consistency

What I don’t like about Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo?

  • Very costly
  • Not available in India
  • Melts easily in summers
  • clumps a lot



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