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I have always been more on the paler side since childhood. There are time’s when I go tomato red too but for the most part, I stay pale. Hence my love for  bronzers and blushes which add a nice healthy pop of color to my face…This was part of my Diwali haul last year and this came along with the Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush which A has reviewed earlier. You can check out her review here.

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ bronzer+ happy booster

About Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Bronzer:-

Extend your summer tan (which you still managed to get even though we know you applied your sunscreen religiously) with this heart-stamped, shimmery bronzer. Swirl the different tones together with the brush that comes conveniently stored beneath the powder, and sweep it under your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and across your forehead for a streak-free, sun-kissed look. For a rosier effect, dab your the bristles into the bright pink and pop this color on the apples of your cheeks. Bonus: this bronzer is scented with violet floral notes to invigorate your senses and lift your spirits (even on a manic Monday).

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+bronzer+ happy booster+ physicians formula

  • Price:  $13.99

Read Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush 

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+bronzer+ happy booster

  • Ingredients:  Experience the mood boosting effect: Infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress; The sweet scent of violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ physicians formula bronzer

My take on the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer:  –

  • Packaging: The bronzer comes is such cute packaging!!! I have never seen any blush/ bronzer come in a cuter packaging than this…This bronzer comes in a mettallic pink colored compact with a transparent lid so you can see the gorgeous heart embossing done on the surface of the powder. The Pink heart provides the pop of color and looks so cute!! The blush pan can be lifted and here we have the mirror and the tiny and cute pink brush. For a change, the brush is actually useful and effective in application.

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ bronzer + happy booster

  • Color: The pan hold hearts in various shades in bronze…from the deepest brown to the lightest champagne color. The powder has micro shimmer infused which are easy to apply and don’t fall out. The pink heart is a pretty shimmer pink quite like its blush counterpart.

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ physicians formula

  • Pigmentation & Texture: This bronzer has commendable pigmentation and is not at all chalky. It’s super smooth and has a tiny bit of fallout as well, but not alarming.

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ swatch

  • Staying Power: It stays for about 5hrs before starting to fade slowly.

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+happy booster bronzer

  • Application: I use bronzers like blush. I don’t apply them in the hollow of the cheeks since I have a round face and this will only highlight it further. I apply this on the sides of my cheeks and always mix the pink as well for a better tint of color.


Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ bronzer swatch

Pros of Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer:  

  • I’m not sure of the formula, but the mere look of this makes me feel happy 🙂
  • Easy to blend.
  • Can be used as an eyeshadow too.
  • Soft texture and don’t have to dig in with your brush.
  • Makes my skin look warmer and not bloodless!
  • All the shades combined makes for a gorgeous bronzey tone.
  • Very good staying power
  • Hardly any fallout!
  • The brush is actually useful 🙂
  • Comes with a mirror too!
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Paraben free.
  • Non-comedogenic.
  • Dermatologist approved

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ individual swatches

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ happy booster swatch

Cons of Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer:  –

  • Not available in India

Physicians Formula happy booster bronzer review+ physicians formula cosmetics


  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Texture: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4.5/5
  • Staying Power: 5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 5/5

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  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Rammmmmmmmmmmm! this is sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee …mann karaha hai sirf dekhu..isse kaun lagayegaa …innaa cuteeeeee che yeh! :cute: :blush: :inlove:

    love it..Zee! :heart: :rose: :-* :hug-makeup: Awesome reviewww!

    n love that line “Makes my skin look warmer and not bloodless” rofl..u r funny!mwaaah! :rotfl: :rotfl: :-* :-* :hug-makeup:

  2. disssssss is so cute zeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. i love physician packaging..even d blush is cho cute na…. i so want disssssss..i luv d warmth bronzer gives :-* :-* so nice piccyssssssss :hug-makeup:

  3. nice nice and very pigmented….i loved all the four shade of this and Physician blushes are always a treat 🙂

  4. This is a mood booster indeeeed!! :inlove: I still really regret not gettin the PF blush in Ana’s blog sale :-(( It’s the most adorable blush EVER!

    • i luvvv bronzers..its gr8 for our pale skin…accha warmth lagta hai..
      do one thing…ek bronzer leke aa, watch some videos and then we can discuss it and i can give tips..the biggest tip is that bronzers go to the places on ur face where the sun hits…like the side of ur cheeks, forehead ka upari hissa and temples…bridge of the nose, sleeveless pehna to shoulders…looks very pretty..

      • zara baby… pls do blush and bronzer tutorial okay… everybody knows but everybody doesnt know…thats the truth about blush and bronzer application.. so pls pls do it… 😉
        the packaging is so cute… wow….. worth worshipping.. :hypnotized: :worship:

        • I must have watched so many tutes on its application zee bt still i end up looking muddy.Will get one proper bronzer n try. 😀 What do u suggest…Matt or shimmery? n Avon ka Molta Mocha will do kya?

    • the design is so damn cute ya…even the blush is amazing…i luv such product which not only luk gud but work well too…. Nish, u use bronzers?

  5. Zara If I had this, I would call myself Quuen of Hearts!! Hahahahah! Even it looks sooo beautiful!!
    Zara, tell me your address so that I can steal every makeup piece you own which I always covet!! 😀

  6. this is sooooooo cool Zara …. never thought it will turn out so good :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: i demand faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pics :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

    • It’s sooo per pretty.. I think I like it most coz of d hearts 😉

      Face ka pics…. M so shy. Re..I don’thave guts like u pretty gals! A to Peggi hoke bhi itna cute lagtinhai.. Me to kuch bhi nahi..

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