Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Photos,Price and First Impression


Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Hi Everyone! I am sharing with you a review on the Physicians formula shimmer strips mascara that I recently got to try at Wise She office. It’s lot of fun here..We test, try and write about them. Working here is like a dream come true.

physicians formula custom eye enhancing mascara duo reviews

Coming to this mascara,

Mascaras are definitely an essence if you specifically do not have fuller lashes that you could flaunt. And if you have fuller lashes, then they are even more imperative to be used for that sexy look!

physicians formula custom eye enhancing mascara duo

I had heard about this mascara from someone close and she was so appreciative of the same, that I thought I also should try this and when I saw it here I was elated.

Price – $10.95

The packaging of the product is quite inviting and you would love the look and feel of it instantly. The package is very sturdy to hold when you receive it. You get to use two colors which are totally good to enhance your looks and also provide volume to your eye lashes beautifully.

physicians formula shimmer strips custom eye enhancing mascara duo

The mascara obviously was my craze to be opened instantly and I found it to be very nice. The dual-ended mascara stick was nice to hold and the color was quite illuminating. On trying it I found my eyes looked ravishing with that ultra-dramatic look. It also enhanced my eyes a lot better.

My Experience With Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

From one side the wand is thicker and the other side has a rubber.  One side is common to all colors on offer in this range from the brand which is the black color; the other end of the wand has the color which would make you go gaga over it.

The black end of the wand is thicker and longer while the other side is short and sleek. The application also differs accordingly from both ends.  On using, I found that the black end of the shimmer strips made my eye lashes very thick and dark. It also gave a lot of volume to my eyes. The brown color on the other hand, gave a natural look which I can use every day. So you now get an idea how the brand has taken care of your daily and occasional needs too well. You can use the black color while going for some outing while brown color can be used anytime any day. This is sheer value for money, what say?

physicians formula shimmer strips mascara photo

I have tried it only once, so I am also not forming an opinion here about the product entirely. Since it would be unfair to say that it is really good or bad with longevity or staying power, I will use it a few more times and then form any opinion. It is obvious that the mascara should have a good longevity especially during summers when we all hope to have it stay and do not fall of the skin with the heat.

physicians formula shimmer strips mascara

Final Thoughts

So as of now, I am also looking forward to how it goes for me in the coming days, when the sun has decided to put its best foot forward and make us scorch in the heat. I would never like to review a mascara without the before and after pics. If any of you has in the meantime tried this it across weathers do send your reviews to us. We will be happy to discuss it through your valuable comments as well. I am not sure about the other color variants, for example. If someone has tried those, for this mascara, I would definitely like to know.:)




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