Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor Review


Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor

I am a sucker for concealors. I have an insatiable appetite for blush but a secret fetish for concealors. Whether its the Colorbar Coverup concealor stick, Inglot cream concealor, MAC Prolongwear concealor or the Kryolan Derma color concealor, I’ve tried them all and then some. 😉  Ahh! Now that I have gotten that confession off my chest let’s move on to the review ..LOL
Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor
I have reviewed the Physicians Formula  Super BB Cream earlier and today will be reviewing the concealor from this range too. Surprisingly, (and sadly) they have just 2 shades so its kind of a hit a miss. My skin tone is NC30 and the shade I have in this is the Light/Medium.

About Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor :

Super BB Concealor Physicians Formula
Price: $12.95
Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor ingredeints
Packaging: The concealor comes in a pen form with a twist up base. The product twists out and can be directly dotted on the skin and blended out with fingers or a brush.
Texture & Coverage: This is what surprised me the most. All the concealors i have used have been on the thicker side but this one is quite watery. The upside of this is that it doesn’t clog pores a d is easy to blend and doesn’t collect in any fine lines. The downside is that it just doesn’t hold enough pigment to conceal more than the mild case of darkies or blur out some acne.
Physicians Formula BB Concealor
Staying power: Stays on for 5hrs easily after which it starts fading. But even then there is no streaking or flaking.

My experience with Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor

I like that this photographs well even though it has SPF30. Usually anything with a high sun protection level tends to make me look ghost white.
Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor swatch
Lets also discuss their claims 1 by 1 to check out how it fares:
1. Dark circles. Will work on only the lightest darkies….definitely not for those with deeper darkies.
2. Puffiness. Yes; I’m guessing this is where the hydrating effect comes into use. It plumps up the skin to a certain e tent so that any puffiness tends to go down.
3. Blemishes. Not really. This doesn’t conceal blemishes at all…just blurs them out.
4. Redness. Not at all. I have mild rosacea and this does nothing for that.
5. Imperfections. Again this just blurs them out..doesn’t conceal them fully.
6. Evens out skin tone. Yes beautifully for this.
Physicians Formula BB Concealor usage

What I like about Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor:

1. Has SPF30
2. Incredibly hydrating.
3. Has a decent staying power.
4. Would work gr8 for those with mild dark circles.
5. Dry skinned girls would love this.
6. Awesome packaging.
7. The formula is thin and allows the skin to breathe.
8. Photographs well despite having a high SPF

What I don’t like about Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor :

1. Hardly any coverage at all.
2. Not available in India
3. Doesn’t really meet up to the claims at all.
4. Would not suit those with oily skin.
Rating: 2.5/5
This is perfect for you if you have very mild concealing to do. If u have deep ditches as darkies like I do then this is not going work at all. I personally would give this a miss since it does nothing for me. I’d rather stick to MAC Prolongwear Concealor which actually does conceal.

Have you tried Physicians Formula Super BB Concealor?

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  1. I can feel for you Zara ….
    Loveeeee trying new concealers and next on my radar is nars radiant creamy concealer

    I wishhhhhh to pick one some day 🙂
    this look beautiful like you said the packaging and texture


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