Physicians Formula Super BB Cream Review & FOTD



Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

I’ve always been a big fan of Physicians Formula..From their blushes to their eyeliners, I’ve tried it all and have never been disappointed. I do wish they were available here but alas! Today I will be reviewing their BB Cream in Light/Medium which I’ve been using since 3mts or so..
Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

About Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

Physicians Formula BB Cream
Physicians Formula BB Cream Ingredients
Price: $14.59

My experience with Physicians Formula Super BB Cream:

Packaging: The BB cream comes in a medium sized tube with a twist up lid. Frankly i prefer flip top lids on such products since I inevitably end up dropping the lid..LOL
Texture: This cream is more on the runnier side. The product also tends to separate so one needs to shake the tube well before usage so as to avoid a gooey mess. It does take a minute or 2 to set and has a dewy effect..perfect for dry skinned gals like myself 😉
Coverage: Medium at best. This will not cover any marks or scars. It only blurs them a tad bit but nothing major. A concealer would still be required.
Physicians Formula BB Cream swatch
Staying Power: This is the best part. My skin did not get sweaty at all and I had to touch up with my compact only after about 5hrs or so which is quite good. Mind you I was roaming in a cool atmosphere so not sure how this would fare in peak summers.
I find this perfect for my uber dry skin. My skin tends to look dry and a bit flakey with matte effect cream so this is a wonderful change from that. Additionally i dont need a sunscreen underneath this since this has SPF30 already.
It also brightens up the face which is another positive. After a crappy experience with the Clinique BB Cream which skin look ashen this is a welcome change.
BB Cream Physicians Formula
Now for a very important point…application. When I used this with my fingers i felt it looked a bit streaky. Then i used my Sigma F80 and Voila! I had the perfect finish. I like a subtle dewy look and this is perfect for that.

What I like about Physicians Formula Super BB Cream:

  • Has Spf of 30
  • Perfect for dry skinned beauties
  • Gives a dewy effect
  • Good for daily usage
  • Very good staying power

What I dont like about Physicians Formula Super BB Cream:

  • Needs to be shaken before usage since it separates.
  • Conceals next to nothing. So one cant skip a concealer.
  • Availability is a problem.


Physicians Formula BB Cream FOTD


Rating: 4/5
I would definitely recommend this to all those with dry skin. If you have someone coming in from abroad please do ask them to pick this for you.


    • This was oart f d goodies my pal sent over…rmbr d one who sent me naked 3?? Wohi wala 😉

      Thanx fr d welcome bk…feels refreshing t get bk 😉

  1. Look who is back on the block! Welcome again! You looking great! Have tried only the maybelline wala bb cream till now! 🙁

    This looks quite good with the spf content! Loved to see your review after long :yes:

  2. This bb cream has a great finish – and does the brand physician`s formula – consult dermas while making the products? Would love to try this out – looks very safe for skin.

  3. Zeeeee…love your FOTD…i think i can skip this since it doesnt conceal much and i need something more heavier than just this..i’l need to bag the TBS TT BB asap.


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