Physicians Formulae Custom Eye Shadow And Liner Photos & Swatch


Physicians Formulae Custom Eye Shadow And Liner

Hi Everyone!

If you have ever seen this Physician’s Formulae custom eye shadow and liner palette, I bet you would have fallen in love with its cute packaging which has a tiny bow and a girlish packaging. I was desperate to purchase this since quite a long time but due to my hesitation on its price,It is also not available in India so I had to purchase it through a friend through where it is available at US $20.

Physican formulae palette shades

About the Physicians Formulae Custom Eye Shadow And Liner

But if you talk about it, the palette has a few unique features that make it a must buy. For instance, this palette features a custom lace compact that coordinates with each nude look. It also has a unique angled applicator that allows for perfect blending and precise lining.

This palette comes in a set which has two liners and mascara with it which I will review in detail later. For now, I am just focusing on the beauty and appeal of this palette.

It is a sheer shimmery nude wash of colors which I like the most. These eye shadows can be used wet as well as dry. If you want to go for a night party or outing, you can definitely try these colors wet and dry if you are going out during the day.

Physicians Formulae Custom Eye Shadow And Liner Swatch

physican formulae liner and eyeshadow swatches

The palette contains one shade darker to work as a powder eye liner as well which makes it a convenient option as all in one. These eye shadows have remarkably smooth texture and a flake free application.

Physcian formulae custom eyeshadow

I have one reservation regarding its use though. The shimmery finish isn’t good for wrinkled skin since the shine accentuates wrinkles but if that’s not a problem then it is good for you. Also, as per pigmentation it is less pigmented as much as Covergirl True Naked.

I have a kind of love hate relationship with this palette. Though I knew that this palette could be used wet or dry using a damp applicator which will enhance the color, the lighter shade of this palette barely has pigmentation. They all look same on my eye lids

Another thing which is not so good about this palette is that it is very small in size and one needs to be extra careful to pick the colors as there is no separate sectioning for the colors.Sections are just too close to use individually.

As of now, therefore, I can only say that I love its packaging and it is definitely on my cards to be used in the coming days so that I can review it in detail and share my views with you on its pigmentation and performance.

Hope you didn’t miss my previous two palettes from covergirl which I swatched recently 🙂

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  1. Hi Anamika.I have seen a lot of Physician Formula products on Amazon.Their packaging is so cute and I have been intrigued to buy them a lot of times but the mixed review on their products puts me a bit of dilemma.Loved the colours though.Looks like a decent palette.

  2. Physcian formula is a good brand but you compare the price and then buy ..They have hits and misses but you will enjoy using them because of their lovely packaging :)Somehow they always hold a special place in my heart because of packaging only.


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