Picture Perfect: Tips to look awesome in photos


Picture Perfect: Tips to look awesome in photos

Pictures speak a thousand words and remind about the wonderful time you had when they were clicked but what if you look totally different in pictures than how you actually look…! Well that’s something which is no rocket science and a few tips will save you when you get clicked the next time.

So follow these easy tips and get ready to say cheeeese… 🙂


Red eye & Eye Blink-

This is the most common thing and happens to most people. You end up looking an alien with the flashlight in your eyes. Looking at the light just before the snap will shrink the pupils and will avoid a red eye. Just before clicking the pictures close your eyes and open slowly before the click sound. Avoid looking directly to the flash light point.

Posing Pattern-

Observe your pictures carefully and you might notice that there is that angle or particular pose which earns you most compliments and stick to it each time you get clicked.

Makeup check-

Always make sure to wear makeup which suits your complexion perfectly. If the foundation shade is not matching to your skin tone than it will clearly reflect in the photos and you will look like a painted doll…L Try to put a thin layer of foundation on the neck area to match the face accordingly.

Double Chin check-

This is a very common complain people make as they older very much older in the pictures because of double chin. To avoid it just put your neck straight and gently project your face in the forward direction and it is done.

Keep your eyes ready-

Eyes say everything. A good picture with a diminished or sleepy eye wouldn’t qualify at all. Always fill your eyebrows as they look defined in the pictures. A hint of mascara and curled lashes will simply twist your look from boring to glamorous and then what the pictures will be like everybody knows…:-)

Style up your tresses-

Hair should be fluffy and shiny so that the camera captures its beauty. Hair stylist Serge Normant suggests Serge Normant Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray to get the last minute added shine. As the camera lens can easily capture flyaway’s so keep your hair frizz free with dry oil.

Blush and blushing-

A natural blush is a must while posing for pictures but what if there is no blush color. Apply a natural pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and your face will look two dimensional in the photos.

Surprise photo…!!-

What if someone wants a surprise picture with you?? Don’t panic and prepare your face for the camera in flat ten seconds. Take a facial wipe or any facial tissue and blot your face all over and just press your apples of the cheek like boogly-woogly-woosh and you get a perfect natural blush just like that… 🙂

You are a Diva…!-

Assume that you are as glamorous as any Diva could be and try the red carpet look by putting your hand on your love handles and turn your body at a certain angle, where you can face the camera properly, and look straight in the direction of the camera. I bet this tip will certainly make you look a little slimmer.

Don’t sparkle much-

Any amount of shimmer or sparkle on the face will be highlighted in the flash light. Just try to keep the face matte or semi-matte and a hint of highlighter on the tips of cheekbones and bridge of the nose will be sufficient.

However some shimmers and sparkle on the collarbones will complete your look. Ideally apply Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in Moonlight shimmering powder on the collarbones and shoulders.

Prefer a light background-

Always keep in mind to choose a light background before getting clicked so that the camera lights adjust according to the color and our face doesn’t look very pale or yellow.

Bold and Bright Lips-

Always wear bright color on your lips as they will look beautiful in pictures because dark colors tend to minimize the effects of lips so always choose bright colors.

Get clicked more often-

Try to get clicked more often and don’t miss a chance to get a snap as this is the only way you will believe that there is a smart trick to get photographed perfectly. The more you appear in pictures the more photogenic you will eventually become… 🙂

Camera shots-

A top angle is very flattering so try to get a top shot just above you. Similarly always take pictures in natural light like in front of the window because standing directly under a light source will create shadows on your face and it won’t look good.

Play with a prop-

Holding a soft toy, flowers or chocolates will help in relaxing your pose and add a little creativity to the pictures.

The perfect grin-

These days saying ‘cheese’ is not sufficient for that perfect smile. I usually start making fun of my poses and in the process give a perfect smiley face for the camera to be captured… 🙂 You too can joke with the photographer so that you have your natural smile instead of that ‘fake plastic smile’.

What do you think about these picture perfect tips?

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  1. Thanks for these wonderful tips. They are indeed very useful for a girl like me who always run away when there is someone with a camera.Its mainly because i appear very different in photographs, I look nothing like myself. I resent getting clicking, will surely keep these points in mind next time!

  2. Wonderful tips Ira :yes: bookmarking this one:) Totally agree with you on the ‘fake smile’ point, that’s why I loathe posing for photos in weddings or social gatherings :-X


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