Pigmentation Removing Cream Suggestions


Aparna asks,

I just started using oriflame wash and tone gel…my pimples are less bt m getn marks..al over da face..wat shud i do to get rid of these spots?


Pigmentation removing cream suggestions




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  1. Hi, can i suggest something other than cream,!? Use kumkumadi thaila. It is a great oil or all face skin problems. Do not fear of pore getting clogged.

      • I also bought it just 10 days back bz i wanted a night cream .. it has a good texture thankfully didnt break me out 😛 but i see no drastic difference yet. Hoping it works for me .. slow hi sahi 😛

        • hehe…the work is extremely slow shreya…ive been using it for 3months now and it has improved marginally only….i wish there was something which worked faster..

  2. i wud suggest nt 2 apply anything….they will fade gradually….in winters, rate of fading is high….mine are fading too…..thx….hope it helps

    • Hi Bhumika..i have oily skin too..can i dorectly apply vit e capsules on my face?
      is it the normal one dat we found in local chemist?? can u plz help me in detail..tx :help: :help:

  3. I did my search on kojic acid and found that kojic acid depalmitate the one in fab india isn’t harmful. I mean if you go by every other research in the world then yes some studies do say it is dangerous then again many researchers will starve us to death banning food items as dangerous 😛

    The idea is to use the product for sometime then give a break so that the toxicity level doesn’t increase too much in the body. Same effects of mark reduction is given by vitamin A retinol based products again you should use these stuff for 3 or 4 months then give a break of 1-2 months and cont this way you can make sure the negative effects are minimum.

  4. Hey my skin had severe problem of pimples and acne. The two things which had worked best for me:
    1) Apply combination of Rose Water + Camphor (Crushed) on skin and leave on for 10 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water
    2) Use Fab India tea tree toner. It even helped me once to remove spider bite scar!
    3) You may also try Shahnaz Shaclear/Shablem if the above two steps do not help.
    All 3 solutions will take care of both pimple and blemish problems.


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