Pink And Blue Nail Design Of The Day


Today I thought of pampering my self with some hair spa and shopping and before going out I did a simple nail art design so thought of sharing with you.

The pink nail art which I have used here is with Lakme 250 and I have not used any Illamasqua nail paint here. Just used the bottle as a support  for taking picture. Those who missed the Illamasqua kink nail paint can check it out here.


black and blue nail art simple nail art designs


It’s a simple nail art design so I don’t think it needs much of explanation.

For black and white nail paint I used KONAD and silver shimmer and blue nail paint is from  BYS which was a gift from a friend.


simple naila rt design for short nails


This nail art looks much better then what it is coming out in the picture as these were taken in hurry.I was in such big hurry that I left home in my slippers  :pain: but didn’t forget doing  my nail art  😉


Simple nail art design checkered nail art


Hope you had a wonderful day too 🙂

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  1. Zee.. totally agree.. the pink is a really nice shade. Nice play of colors Ana 🙂
    So what hair spa did you get….. show as your loverly hair I say 😀
    And how about a post on your today’s haul 😉 😀

  2. n yeah…i guess its really longlasting…havent tried on lips yet but when the sales gal swatched it on her hands n..she was having hardtime in wiping it off with the cotton….she cudnt remove it like other lipgloss.


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