A.Ma Cosmetics Cracked Enamel Nail Polish Review


So the other day I went to C3 and was looking around for otherwise random stuff, when the SA behind the Imported Goods counter started shifting her wares, and I suddenly glimpsed this beauty hiding behind some other nail polishes. The top was enough to confirm my suspicion that it was what it was supposed to be, so, after a few discreet enquiries and money exchanging hands, I was the proud owner of this.

Okay, now, this is A.Ma.

She’s Cracked.

But she’s GOOD at what she does.

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A ma cosmetics cracked nail polish review+pink crackle nail polish+Nail polish pink

I am not much of a Nail girl, though I enjoy the occasional nail polish and prefer pastels. So when recently I saw how expensive the cracked nail polishes were, I nearly cracked up myself.

But, at around 90/- a piece, this was quite reasonable, let me tell you. And there’s 15 ml. of it. I picked up Shade number 12, who is a beautiful shade of pink that loves to make craters on my pastel colored nail polishes. There were others too, but I am a pink girl.

Here’s the time she made craters on my thumbs.

The base color is Avon Nailwear Pro, by the way. Just in case you were admiring the pale lavender shade. I did not use a top coat. I was busy taking pictures to show you guys the extent of the cracks.

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A MA PINK CRACKED NAIL POLISH+crackle nail polish pink

 Ah the things I do for the benefit of womankind!

The best thing about this polish is that it actually does what it claims, and if you would note, it does the job quite well. unlike many other more expensive polishes, it does not bubble, and I have used this about 9-10 times already, over different colors, and I have often used two coats of this … which is by the way not too good an idea, since if you spread this too thick, the nails might not crack too well.

The best method of application would be to put one coat on well-hardened nailpolish (preferably a day old) and then let it rest for 20 minutes or so before using a top coat. Those 20 minutes would actually make definite cracks on the polish.

I love the way this works out, and the staying power is pretty good too. I have found this stays for about 5-6 days easily with a good top coat on, maybe more if you are using something more expensive (I bought something really cheap as I was not looking to spend much on this “do”).

Now I will pose my fingers prettily, and maybe you guys won’t notice the slightly chipped nails (Sue me, I’m lazy).

Okay, the biggest problem I have felt this has is availability. I have found this in C3 near my house (City Center I, Salt Lake, Kolkata), but I do not know if other C3s stock them. Also, I have never heard of this brand, and I have done a net search and have not found anything about the brand either. Also, this does not have an ingredients list (actually, I think it does, but it is in Chinese … so well…)

Nail polish A MA CRACKED PINK NAILS+crackle nail polish

What I like about A ma cosmetics pink crackle:-

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Cracks nicely
  • Lots of pretty shades
  • Does not bubble


What I do not like about A ma cosmetics pink crackle:-

  • No Ingredient List

 Have you tried A.Ma Cosmetics Cracked Enamel Nail Polish ?

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    • yep! and guess what?? yesterday I went back to C3 thinking of buying something else altogether and ended up buying another one from this range, because THIS TIME the SA said – ma’am, these are 65/- each.

      Happy Days!


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