Pink Gift Wrapping Nail Art Tutorial


Gift wrapped nail art tutorial

I like my gifts wrapped in pretty papers with huge ribbons. I have this silly obsession of making sure that i open them properly and recycle the wrappers (which I think is an earth friendly method). This nail art is inspired by that.


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Nail polishes used :-


  • White- Envy funny bunny (from health and glow)
  • Clear coat- colorstreet no.108
  • Red- streetwear fiery femme 18
  • Nyx girls in funk
  • Orange – vov
  • Konad nail art pen (pastel pink)

Gift Wrapping Nail Art Steps:-

  • Step1Color nails with basic color- white and make outline of a pastel pink bow using the Konad nail art pen
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  • Step2 – Fill the inside of the bow with red color and draw horizontal and vertical lines extending from the bow
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  • Step3 - Make polka dots with orange depending on how you want the wrapper to be :)In the other nail I’ve used Nyx girls glitter polish to make the base.
orange polka dot nail art
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Variations in Gift Wrapping Nail Art:-


You can make flowers instead of bows.

And also make polka dots in different colors depending on how colourful you want your wrapper to be.


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