Simple Pink & Green Nail Art Design


Hiya girls!


Pink and green nail art design+green nail art designs+Nail art


Want a quick do for the nails ? Then this is for you. It’s a picture tutorial and self-explanatory.

I did this on a gloomy noon and when I was finished the Sun was up smiling ! One was with glitter and one without glitter.

What I used ?

  •  Green -Elle 18 Pops  13
  • Pink -  Elle 18 Pops  46
  •  Glitter –  Colorama glitter prata

Choose any color you admire –white & black or red & black


pink and green nail art designs+green design nail art


How to ?

Do a single swipe of each color on the nail tip . Use a thin brush for the little lines . If you happen to like stones ,stick them up on the nail. Use a top coat and admire your nails  :).

I used a glitter coat . It takes away the focus from the color . The picture shows that . I happen to love colors and next time I do this I will skip the glitter. I think this is the only nail art I will be repeating on my nails .

Done !


Green -Elle 18 Pops  13  Pink -  Elle 18 Pops  46  Glitter -  Colorama glitter prata


This lasted on my nails pretty long and the nail looked beautiful in the sun. Short/long nails ? Sport this and you will see your nails pop .

Peace & money girls !!


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    • to protect your nails always use a base coat. and 2 thin layers are healthy for nail than one thick layer. use almond oil for strong nails. a little care and brittleness will be gone 🙂

    • aww….thats sad…in addition to Reddys advice, also use lemon on ur nails daily to strengthen them….itwill work well and add shine to ur nails as well…


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