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Erica asks,

This is my favourite lipstick shade which suits me the best and is on the verge of getting over.It’s a VOV lipstick and the label of the lipstick has come out.Can you suggest me a shade similar/dupe of it ?


VOV Pink lipstick for dusky skin+pink lipstick VOV


Lipstick shade pink suggestions+Pink lipstick suggestions


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    • It is indeed a damn pretty shade yaa.. I love it..inspite of being mattee its not drying and lips look so hawt n full in this! :lipstick: :inlove: 😀

  1. That’s a lovely shade! I have Irish rose from Colorbar that pretty much matches with this and goes with ANY skin tone. But that whole range was discontinued; I think you should find a match either in colorbar or Maybelline. But do carry the lippie along, else you’ll end up buying many diff. pinks but this [from my experience 😉 lol ]

  2. Hey there’s one in Elizabeth Arden, and I have it at too :P, I had forgot bout it! WIll check the shade and let u know

  3. Try Colorbar- Pretty Please , Street wear (Misty Rose), Colorbar Long Wear (Tempt me- its a bit neonish pink tho!)

  4. Faces Moisture Rich First Lady can be similar ..though its not cool toned..Faces Pink Wine and Fiery Orange (though its named Orange..its pink) can also be close..Do check out Faces..


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