Pink Makeup Tutorial|Quick Party Makeup & Hair Tutorial + Video


Quick Party Makeup & Hair Tutorial

Hello WiseShe Beauties! So, as promised I am back with the video tutorial on the pink makeup tutorial and how to do your makeup while wearing a pink dress!

Here I will be sharing a quick (means flat 20 minutes to dress up do your hair and wear your outfit) makeup tutorial while you are heading out for a party when you haven’t not got the time to shampoo your hair or have enough time to contour and all!

pink dress part makeup

So, lets have a look at the step by step makeup procedure which I followed to get this quick look!

Eye Makeup-

First step for the makeup is to apply an eye primer as eyes are the best features which can take your makeup to another level and also hide another flaws from the face! I have used the Kryolan Eye Primer.

Next I used the Coastal Scents Hot Pot Oatmeal Pan eye shadow on my eye crease. Next I applied another shade from Coastal Scents i.e. Light Taupe and applied it on the outer corner and gave a V-kind of shape.

Now the next part of this quick eye makeup is applying the pigment. For a pink dress you need to re-create a soft pink hue on the eyes and so I picked the MAC Rose Eye Pigment and applied from the inner corner to all over my eyelids.

Next I am going to fill my brows with Maybelline Duo Shaper and I like the fuller bold brows I get with this brow pencil smudger.

pink dress quick party makeup

I always remove the excess fallout with the help of a tissue and next I used the color corrector under my eyes. It is a yellow-orange color corrector. I usually use my fingers to set the color corrector as the warmth of the fingers make it easy for the corrector to blend properly!

Next I used the Jesse’s Liquid Eyeliner and next I filled my lower lash line and lower line quickly to complete the eye makeup look and give the Indian eye makeup hint to it!

Since, this is a quick makeup tutorial we are not going to take any more eye shadows on the eyes! I applied the NYX Jumbo eyeliner in purple shade! It just pops up the eye makeup and goes well with the outfit as well!.

Coming to the eyelashes, there is no time to curl your lashes or apply false lashes and so I simply used the Loreal Telescopic Mascara Carbon Black.

Face Makeup-

I used my favorite MAC Face & Body Foundation. Shake it well before using and with the help of my fingers I applied the foundation on my face! Next I used Kryolan Loose Powder to set may foundation. Luckily there were last trace amounts left which I used for my look!

Next I used the IMAN blush as it goes well with the pink makeup look! I somehow applied a little extra blush on my cheeks ( damn pigmented blush!) and so I used Revlon Matte Gold Touch & Glow Moisturizing powder.

Next I lightly used a highlighter as it is basically a party makeup look!

pink dress makeup

Next is the lipstick part and I used a stunning lip color to go well with my outfit. The shade is Colorbar Matte Touch Steal Pink. I tried to create an ombre lip effect with a pink shade from L’Oreal Extraordinaire range of matte lip color to go well with my look!

Coming to the hair, it is a pretty simple hairstyle which I opted to go with my look as I didn’t have the time to shampoo or go for hair straightening so I chose this simple braid hairstyle into a low bun. You just have to check out the video below and it is easily shown how to do this hair style with front braids and a bun!

Well, last but not the least I accessorized my self with big chunky earrings and a maang tikka.  As ethnic outfits just don’t well without these accessories!

I hope you like this quick makeup look and when you check it out it hardly looks lengthy at all!

See you again with another tutorial next time!


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