Pink Smokey Eye Tutorial With Step By Step Pictures


Post by Upasana,

Hellozzz Beautiesss !!:)

I saw this picture and knew that I had to do it for you all. It is a pink smokey eye makeup look but still looks so feminine ( because it has pink πŸ˜€ ) though it still has the Ò€œsmokeyÒ€ thing as the central content. Perhaps I think the eyes still look more womanly and more wearable because it has a pink which ( according to me ) tones it down a bit. I called my friend richa at my place for this look πŸ˜›

Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

The whole picture looks so fine and subtle even though it has lots of black in it, but to be honest it was a very simple look :-P  so letÒ€ℒs start the tutorial.

Things you need :-

  • A pink matte eyeshadow ( can be a fuchsia pink / baby pink etc whatever you have with you )
  • A black gel eyeliner & black eyeshadow
  • Mascara & highlighter


Step1:– Apply the pink eyeshadow :-

Prepare your eye with eyeshadow base ( you can even use your compact powder ). Then using a big

fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply tiny amount of pink eyeshadow on your eyelid starting from inner corner and taking it outwards ( you may want to create a wing kind of shape while doing this ) . IÒ€ℒm using a big fluffy brush because i want to cover the crease area too with the pink shadow in one go. Also apply whatever is left on the brush to your lower lashline.


Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Step2:- Apply gel eyeliner:-

Then using a flat shader brush, draw a solid line along your eye lashes with the gel liner. Before it starts to dry, start blending it with a fluffy brush. DonÒ€ℒt go all over the crease while blending because we want to preserve that hint of pink. While blending youÒ€ℒll see that the gel liner is coming out as a shadow and extending with ease. While for most, blending a gel eyeliner might be a great task  :-/ , but try once J and youÒ€ℒll see the difference.

Gel Eyeliner For Smokey Eyes

Step3:- Pat some black/charcoal eyeshadow:-

After the gel liner has been blended , seal it by applying small amount of black or charcoal eyeshadow. You might also try a warm brown shadow for sealing your gel eyeliner. And just go again with the same fluffy brush to complete merging it with the liner.


Celebrity inspired pink eye makeup

 Step4:- Apply liner and Mascara:-

Apply kohl on your waterline and finish it off with mascara. Curl your lashes using a eyelash curler and put mascara. Keep your lips nude pink for the look, it brings innocence πŸ˜› while not washing your smokey look. For everyday look you can use lesser amount of gel liner for blending (because the more you apply , the more you need to blend it)


Pink smokey eye makeup +eye makeup ideas and pictures

This is the final look , with clips from natural and flash lighting.

Eye Makeup Pink +Smokey eyes

Products used:-

  • Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting drama Gel eyeliner in blackest black

  • Maybelline Colossal VolumÒ€ℒ Express Mascara

  • Chambor Loose Kohl Powder in Black

  • Pink Eyeshadow

  • False Eyelashes

Chambor loose kohl powder

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  1. :clap-n-jump: 😎 😎 :clap: :clap: simple and yet so beautiful i loved it πŸ™‚ which pink eyeshadow is this Upasana?

    • hii ana, this is actly a blusher from avon πŸ˜€ , name is Ancient rose, i think it’s been discontinued for long time now ?:-) .. but i always used it for eyes :cute: because it was way too dark for blusher for me :wilt:

  2. Beautiful Upasana……

    loved it so much and you did it in such a simple manner…thanks a lot for the tute. You have lovely eyes too…

    Finally I know how I can use my Bourjois Smokey Trio effectively…Yay!!!!!!!

  3. πŸ˜€ thnks for tute upasana…..i loved it nd liked alot nd get to knw how to put all the thngs …….simple nd and cool also becz der wer smoky combntn olso…..

  4. Simple and beauuuutiful Upasana….me trying this for SURE. But on weekend, dont want to send my office mates into a tizzy :dazed: :dazed: ..hehe.. Great job girl..loved it !! :yes: :yes:

  5. Totally girly girl smokey eye, love it!! And the idea of using a pink blush for an eyeshadow, works for me bcoz Ive never found a perfectly pink eyeshadow anywhere!! πŸ™ n avon’s quality is good so no need to worry about any skin trouble right? Great job πŸ™‚

  6. Wow! This is so diff…i was a so curious when i first saw that only 3 components were required for this look..and the end result is so awesome! Gr8 work Upasana..Uv replicated the look so well and the end result is so neat and chic looking.. :yes: :yes:

    • i think i got it for 350rs. πŸ˜• m not sure because i got it last yr, it’s expensive for a small vial of 1.9gms :dazed: + dey have two colors πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, the price was not an issue. Its somehow or other I’m always hoarded yp with liquid liners. Would try this look with liquid liners I think. You did it so pretty. Btw, what shader brush did you use?

  7. Great tutorial and look Upasna.
    Hey Ladies, can anyone please suggest what lipcolor is the model wearing in the above pic??? Its so lovely


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