Pinterest Ideas To Take Off Glitter Nail Polish


Pinterest Ideas To Take Off Glitter Nail Polish

Hello Gorgeous Girls,

All those who love nail paints say cheese….. Smile twice! I love nail paints. Nail paints, nail polishes, nail colors or whatever you call these, is an easy makeup to play around with. You can play with texture, with different colors and of course with different nail arts. This is such a fun thing to do.

BUT…. There always comes a but when we are happiest. Does removing glitter nail paints bother you the same as much as it bothers me. Glitter nail paints are very much in trend and we always love to sink in with the trends but removing those glitter nails paints is such a pain. This call for lot of efforts and calling it a struggle will not be wrong.


Maybelline Pink Champagne Glitter Mania

When we look for beauty solutions and DIYs, there is no better help than Pinterest. You think of a problem there you have the best possible solution. Pinterest is like your any time ready to help guide. I found three very easy ways to remove glitter nail paints at Pinterest and today I shall be sharing the same with you.

Have a look.

Wrap Nails With Cotton Balls Soaked In Nail Polish Remover


Remove Glitter Nail Paint With Soaked Cotton

Things You Will Need:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Ten Small Elastics
  • Makeup Remover Wipes

To remove glitter nail paints all you need to do is to simply soak in cotton balls in nail paint remover. Place the cotton ball directly onto your nails and then slide small elastic on each nail to hold the cotton balls at place. Leave the cotton balls on for a few minutes, probably 3-4 minutes. Now put some nail polish remover on a makeup remover wipe. The wipe is stronger than a tissue and allows you take off the already softened glitter nail polish in a single swipe. If using a makeup remover wipe is not your thing then you can also use the cotton ball that’s already there.

Wrap Nails With Aluminium Foil


Remove Glitter NailPaint By Covering With Aluminium Foil

Things You Will Need:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Strips Of Aluminium Foil (One for each finger)
  • Acetone

For this method, first you need to cut foil into strips. Now apply acetone on cotton balls and place the cotton balls on each foil strip. Wrap the foil over your nail with the cotton ball on the inside. When you are done wrapping, fold the top excess down. Repeat for all the other nails. Allow the foil to sit on your nails for 5-8 minutes. Now pinch the foil on your nail and slowly slide it off.  The stubborn glitter nails paints are removed.

Stick Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Soaked Cotton Balls On Nails


Remove Glitter NailPaint With Acetone Soaked In Cotton

Things You Will Need:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

This method involves just two things. Start with soaking cotton balls in acetone free nail polish remover. Soak a lot of quantity of nail polish remover. Now place the soaked cotton balls over the nails with glitter nail polish, cover then completely. Wait for 3-4 minutes. Now remove the cotton balls, the balls will pull off all they nail polish. You can clear the last traces with nail polish remover soaked swab stick.

These were the three easy ways to remove glitter nail polish. The tricks were almost similar with slight variations. You can choose any method that suits you. The first method looked the best to me and most effective.

Which among these methods did you like?

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