PK The Movie: An Entertainment, A Message, A Question or A Shame?


PK The Movie: An Entertainment, A Message, A Question or A Shame???

Hello my dear lovely people,

How are you all? The title must have by now created quite an anxiety about what is today’s article all about.

Well, PK The Movie was released on 19th December this year and ever since it has been in many controversies with 20 cases filed against it with the allegation of Misuse of Freedom of Expression. What expression can it be? This is supposedly will be the next question in your brains.


PK The Movie -01

I am extremely sorry for spilling the beans here, but to talk about the controversies associated with the movie, I really will have to talk about the movie’s story and scenes.

When I saw the movie, I was so heart touched and happy. I literally told every person that I met to see the movie, but then such controversies made me question, Is this what they interpreted from such a great movie?

About The Movie:

PK The Movie was written by Rajkumar Hirani & Abhijat Joshi, Directed by Raj Kumar Hirani and Produced by Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra & Siddharth Roy Kapur. The names behind the movie were enough to convince me to see this movie and the starcast that consisted Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjay Dutt & Boman Irani, which gave me all the more bigger reasons to see the movie.

PK is a typical Aamir Khan movie, which is nice, entertaining, not realistic but with a message.

Aamir in the movie plays an alien who when lands on Earth gets his Remote stolen/snatched (which was the only way for him to call the spaceship and go back to his planet). Anushka Sharma here plays the character of Jaggu is the journalist who works for the channel of Cherry Bajwa (Boman Irani). Sushant Singh Raput plays a small yet important character of Jaggu’s love interest Sarfarraz Yousuf, Sanjay Dutt who play Bhairon Singh, the man who helped Aamir and was his first friend on earth.


PK The Movie -05

The Story:

I am not going to discuss the whole story here, just the small and important briefs about the story that need to be discussed to get connected to the title of today’s article.

Aamir Khan the alien was called PK in the movie by people for his weird activities and questions. PK here is actually “Peekay hain?” which means “Are You drunk?”. Aamir took it as his name given by the people of earth.

The movie revolves around how PK tries to find his remote. Every person that PK approached to find his remote told, “Bhagwan hi jaane”, “Allah Jaane” or “God Knows”. PK did not know anything about God before coming to earth, so he figured out that God is the creator of these people and he will help find him his remote. Being alien to all the customs and traditions, PK prays to God of every religion and did as people on earth do to please God. He wears all the taweez, rings, necklaces that are believed to get us closer to god, but still no help.


PK The Movie -02

This gives him many questions to ask, that actually are the message or rather the questions that we cannot answer:

The Questions:

Thappa Kahan Hain?

PK interprets that he just might be worshipping the wrong God. How can I know that which God should I pray to?
“Thappa Kahan Hain” which means “Where is the stamp?” that divides people into religion. Who decides that which religion one should follow? He literally checked bodies of small babies to figure out where the stamp is, but he could not find any. Well we all know there is no such stamp that exists; it is the human beliefs and mentalities that divide.

The Wrong Number!

PK after failing to find out any stamp, figures out that it is not the stamp or God, it is actually the “wrong number”.  The way we are approaching God is the wrong number here, which is not letting our network connect with God. He questions, when a poor boy sits hungry outside the temple why so much of milk is all wasted in temple that does not go to God Shiv but is drained. He literally after donating money asks back for a receipt so that it ensures that he will get his remote back.

The Wrong Managers!


PK The Movie -04

Later PK concludes it is not the number or the religion, it is the wrong Managers who are using or rather I should say misusing the innocent and scared people. He questions the Sants & Babas the proclaimed dear ones of God that why would God the creator of us want us to suffer. Why would he say to leave severely ill mother, mom or wife and go to a miles away temple to seek for wellness? Rather God will want us to care of our ill mother, mom, wife or who so ever that might be. We resort to these proclaimed Babas or The Managers, just as PK says, only because we are scared of our problems. Once we stop fearing we will stop getting fooled.

Humanity, where it is?

God created us Humans, and we created Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc. God’s best creation “Human” who was supposed to love and care, turns into an violent, angered, selfish inhuman creature. People are ready to kill, they rob and they harm each other. Where is humanity?

My Views

The movie had more to offer, but talking about every bit was not possible. The movie touched theses sensitive issues in a very entertaining manner. Since the movie was not a typical masala movie, but took up very sensitive issues, it got involved in such controversies.

There is a scene where PK runs after a boy dressed up Lord Shiva, who was just enacting the Lord Shiva’s character. PK runs after him to ask him where his remote is, because he believed it was the Lord Shiva himself. The boy is disguise of Lord Shiva is panicked and runs & hides.


PK The Movie -03

People took the scene as an insult to lord Shiva and filed a case against PK. While it was very clearly shown that he was just an actor. I played the Character of Goddess Radha in school, so will these people start worshiping me??? Will these people make life hell of all those people who tortured me? If you cannot worship me than you cannot file a case too, that’s insane.

I am born and brought up in a Hindu “Gaur Brahmin”, but this never has restricted me to worship only Hindu Gods according to Humans’ divisions. I worship and respect every God & religion, I have been to Dargahs, Church and I can openly say I do not have a “Thappa”, the ones who filed the cases might be some very special people with exclusive “Thappas”.

People have an excuse saying if milk draining is wastage then spending 300 bucks and watching a movie is a bigger wastage. Well I have an answer to this as well. I spent money to watch movies because it entertained me, made me refreshed, made me stress free and I do my level of good to feed the needy. But draining milk with a wrong belief of getting my problems solved early is misleading. Is it only the ones who drain milk or do something else are the real worshipper or the owners of God. Am I not a God’s Child if I pray at my home? PK never said that you should not worship or go to GOD’s place. All he said is worship not bribe God.

About the Baba’s do I really need to talk? Once a week we get one such news of a Baba who misuses the scared humans.

PK says you cannot love openly on earth but can hit somebody very openly. PK gives a message to Worship God, Help each other and Be Human. This is it!!!

A small and sensible message!!!

Me As An Audience

I as an audience give PK full marks for gathering courage to bring up such a sensitive issue and presenting it in a very beautiful manner. There was not a moment of tiredness or boredom in the movie, but some must ask innocent questions and a beautiful message.

I have strong belief in God and found nothing in the movie to be derogatory. I blame the insensibility of Indian audience for such allegations on the movie.

What Do You Think

What do you people think?  Should PK be banned because God men (as people call them) are demanding?

Is PK The Movie- An Entertainment, A Message, An Question or A Shame???

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  1. Even recently supreme court recently said if you do not like it, simply do not watch it ! pple who wanna garner publicity and media attention r slamming it, amir ki movie itne din baad aayi he, so many ppl trying to gain attention by such stupid acts of slamming n banning movie ! i feel many a times ppl want to be offended , they r easily offended by nearly everything near to them, but what do they do when any real issue affecting the society comes up? just say india ka kuch nehi ho sakta, right? u r affected by a movie, but u r not affected by malnutrition, deaths, rape, molestation, corruption, all those stuff r ok, u compromise with tht! thr r ppl who r actually sitting n waiting when something like this comes up and they would tell the world tht they r offended, as if we care!

    • Thats a fake post doing the rounds… the post u mention says it was declared by R. L. Lodha… but he was Ex chief justice..

      And i agree… just because it raised questions on Godmen … the movie is being criticised

  2. Watched PK finally …. dunno if the hype did it to me … found it quite over-rated, way less entertaining, less engaging than other Aamir and/or Raju Hirani movies … and not a single bit offensive w.r.t. any single religion …

    Banning it seems more like a gimmick to actually promote it … as the song goes … _it’s a waste of time_ .. just watch OMG again online – much better in every sense …

    • Not just a promotion… i literally have seen people wanting to clap aamir for questioning the religion and beliefs…

      People with only religion in mind.. just mis interpreted the whoke movie… liking or disliking is one thing that goes with every movie… but getting offended and bringing hindu-muslim talks is total misinterpretation of the whole movie.

  3. I loved the movie. It conveys so much. It’s beautifully done. you have rightly worded all details.
    The idea is to see the message and not get offended! And if you really are faint hearted then don’t watch it! 😉

  4. Hey Ritika, nice post! Even i feel these cases are baseless, and people talk about being democratic. Such a baised society we live in. No one stands for what actually needs to be highlighted, complete non sense!

  5. thank you girls .. for agreeing to my interpretation of the movie…. your comments make me feel happy as it is great to know that there are many people who see things above religion.


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