Places To Buy Waxing Strips & Wax In U.S – Suggestions

Yuvika Asks,
Reaching out to you in case you find a way to help me out. since I am in the US now – I have been trying to do my waxing at home – for various reasons > one, waxing parlors are hard to find, two, they are terribly expensive. I have been doing this during my earlier stay here too so  no big problems there EXCEPT for the fact that I am running out of wax and wax strips now.
In LA, I had chanced upon a beauty shop, where I got some wax (but not the nice cold ones we get in India) and wax strips  – however here, in Chandler (Phoenix), I have not found anything so far. Do you know of websites where I could order wax and wax strips(Strips without wax) and have them delivered home (in the US) – or are there any people/friends you know who supply etc. absolutely any help in this regard would be a blessing!!!
Places to buy waxing strips


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  1. you could order it from or or visit walgreens, cvs or riteaid. they even have online shopping too. Or maybe you could visit sallys beauty supply or Ulta. I am not sure if they are available in Sephora.

  2. Walgreens/Rite Aid/CVS..sometimes even walmart and Kmart stocks them…If you have a Sally Hansen’s store nearby, you are sure to get wax strips there..


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