Places To Shop In Delhi- Kryolan, Khadi, MAC etc


Swati asks, 

Hi All,

I am going to be Delhi for a month-long internship, and I thought, what better person to ask for shopping recommendations in Delhi than the very best Wise She!

Since you must know a lot about Mac and Delhi, could you tell me which Mac to visit? Also, is there a particular SA that you have had good experience with, who I should ask for?… Does this sound too silly of me?…well, it’s just that this will be my first time at Mac and I just want to have a memorable time…so I am sure from your experience, you will be able to help me.

I also wanna stock up on khadi products, so could you tell me where I’d get the most comprehensive collection of Khadi Products? Apart from that, Kryolan is another brand I am not sure where to find.

Could you also put up a question on WiseShe as to shopping places in Delhi? I would love to get recommendations from the lovely girls as to the best places to shop for girlie things like clothes, shoes, makeup etc.

Looking forward to your reply…


places to shop in Delhi



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  1. Hi! Your name is not mentioned so just Hi! :))

    Sorry, can’t help with the brand – shopping since I’m from Mumbai. But I often used to visit Delhi for client meetings and each and every time I made sure that I visit Delhi Haat! You’ll see lots of craftmen/artisans exhibiting their works here, you can buy kurtis, stoles. shawls, candles, junk jewellery, lampshades, diaries and loads of stuff, best from across India :)) The best part is the exhibitiors keep changing so keep a track while you are there.

    Another place for ‘Fashion street’ like shopping is Janpath.

    Have a nice time, All the best for your intership! be safe and enjoy :yes:

  2. Go to Select City Walk apart from MAC there are lot of other brands for sure and Sarojini Nagar market and you ll get great deals specially if you can bargain :-))

  3. Some of the best places to go are : Select City Walk, Ambience Mall, Vasant Vihar Ambience and DLF Promenade – these are for the HIGH end brands…from MAC to Chanel/Louis Vuitton etc etc

    For street shopping definitely visit Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Paalika Bazaaar, Chandini Chowk

  4. Hey Swati… I dunno abt other brands and their stuff but Food Bazaar in Mumbai stocks Khadi soaps as a pack of 3… one single Khadi soap is available for Rs 68 but in a pack of 3 it turns to arounds Rs 43… my mom and me love khadi soaps and keep buying them… all variants are amazing… don’t buy them from a Khadi outlet if a pack of 3 isn’t available ‘coz Rs 68 is too much for them…. they get over fast… If there’s a Food Bazaar in Delhi, guess they shud be stocking Khadi soaps too
    And I guess MAC u’ll get wherever there’s a Shopper’s Stop

  5. Swati select city walk is heavenly and there u will get all yur desired stores.for mac i will suggest u to go prepared and just ask what u want as SA there r always busy ..

    there is this GK market which is amazing for college girls like u ..u will get shoes, clothes, accessories and many many interesting thing.

    Kroylan products — no idea ..i have discovered them in hyd only.


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