Poison by Christian Dior Review


Poison by Christian Dior Review

 “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” Coco Chanel.

Before I review the perfume for you I thought I would give you a little more information on the terms used in the perfume world.  In my previous post on Dolce & Gabbana Eau De Parfum – ‘Rose the One’ I explained the meaning of ‘ notes ‘  and ‘ EDP, EDT and EDC ‘ .  In today’s post I want to explain  two more words called ‘Sillage’ and ‘Dry Down’.

  • Pronounciation:  Sillage  – see-ya- zh or see-ya, Christian – kris-tee-ahn, Dior – dee-or

Sillage: First and foremost this is french for ‘wake’ as in the stream left behind a boat.  Have you ever entered an empty elevator and got a strong wiff of perfume?  It’s very obvious from the lingering smell that someone else was just there, correct? Like a snail that leaves a trail behind, perfume can also leave behind a trail.  My husband had his own theory and says it’s the smell of an angel that just passed by…nice but a myth.

It is a term used to describe how close a fragrance stays to the skin. Does it stick to the body or does it diffuse, leaving it’s aroma behind? So the next time you’re sitting next to a pleasantly perfumed person, it could be that they used it lightly or perhaps the perfume has minimal sillage.

Dry Down:  The dry down is when the base notes of a fragrance are finally revealed. There are three notes to a fragrance - top, heart or middle notes and base notes.  When these lift or vanish you are left with the base notes of a fragrance which are the final remaining notes and the longest lasting.


Poison by Christian Dior Review+mild perfume

Most of the perfumes I own are well, suited for those who are allergic to strong scents and suffer from migraines.  This is one of them.

  • Price : INR 6850 for 100ml and INR 4815 for 50 ml

Those of you who have been seduced by Poison need no introduction to this amazing fragrance.  You can distinguish it anywhere, on anyone. It was launch by the house of Dior in 1985.

  • Top notes: Coriander, pimento, plum, anise, mace, rosewood, carnation
  • Heart notes: Rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, carnation, cinnamon, jasmine, lily of the valley
  • Base notes: Cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood, musk, heliotrope, vanilla, opoponax

 Poison by Christian Dior Review+french perfume in India

Poison is a lovely scent but in small doses. It is available only as an EDT.  It is very unique, seductive as well as sensual.  It is not that well known nor a favourite with todays crowd but while I was growing up if any one said I’m wearing  POISON, everyones jaw dropped.  It was the epitome of elegance and status.  This was a gift to me from my mum and I wore this on my wedding day and well that was ten years ago and I still have 3/4 bottle left.  I really only use it for special occasions.

  There are three other women’s fragrances in the Poison range available in India.

  • Pure Poison             (available only in EDP)
  • Midnight Poison    (available only in EDP)
  • Hypnotic Poison   (available only in EDT)

Pure poison perfume is a distinctive blend of sandalwood (said to have aphrodisiac qualities) jasmine,
amber and gardenia. Priced at  INR 7055 for  100 ml  and INR 5355 for 50 ml

Midnight poison perfume was released in 2007 and is a floral fragrance that blends notes of orange, french vanilla, patchouli and mandarin to give it a sweet scent that gradually mellows. Priced at INR 7535 for 100ml and INR 5355 for 50 ml

Hypnotic poison perfume blends jacarandra, vanilla and jasmine and is a really intoxicating perfume that is very feminine and appealing. Priced at INR 6345 for 100ml and 4440 for 50 ml.

Keep in mind that poison is more suited to be worn in the evening and on cooler days.   There is definately alot of sillage with this fragrance…your clothes tend to smell of poison for many days until washed!  Trying spraying some on a bit of cotton and putting it in your underware drawer….

Poison by Christian Dior Review+winter fragrance

Christian Dior also offers variety of products for men.  One of his most popular creations was the  Fahrenheit Cologne. Fahrenheit was created in 1988.  It is available in India for the following prices : 3660 for 50 ml, 5050 for 100 ml and 7610 for 200 ml

 By the way when you are asking someone bout the perfume they have on you have to ask them ‘what they are wearing’ not using.  What fragrance are you wearing at the moment?

Have you tried Poison by Christian Dior?

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  1. My granny always has a bottle of Poison on her dresser. Ok…that sounded a bit weird :-/ Anyways, love how u always teach evry1 somethin new in each of ur posts Chris :-)). N i’ve always wanted to tell u how i love the way u even spell out how a word is to be pronounced :yes: N just wonderin: sillage shud be Si-yaa-jh right? 🙂


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