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Ponds BB Cream 

Plenty of people are going about raving about the new Ponds BB Cream, and how amazing it is, how super hydrating and nourishing…  At Wiseshe we make it a point to write only our truest impression about a product, and this is my take on the newest addition to the BB cream ranges.

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Compared to the other BB creams, Ponds offer them at a much cheaper price. Only 125/- for 18 gm, and 69/- for 9 gm. I found the 9 gm. package at my local store and decided to purchase it. Honestly speaking, I was not expecting much from this in the first place as the packaging just did not click with me somehow.


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It is an extension of their white beauty range, and the packaging shows the familiar pink and white carton outside to reveal a slim BB cream inside. The package reminds me of the Vivel fairness cream, or fair and lovely, and I sort of felt slightly disappointed that Ponds could not come up with a better package for the cream.

Anyway, there is a long nozzle which delivers just the right amount of product for you. This product is thicker than a moisturizer, and is more like a foundation. The color, natural cover, is the only one released here. Looks like both Garnier AND Ponds think that all Indians have the same skin tone.


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I squeezed one end of the tube, and the product came out in a small squirt, and I smoothed it over my hand. The color is similar to MAC NC 42, and when smoothed on my face, it takes about a minute to properly blend in. It works better on moisturized face and on dry face it does settle inside the pores, so I had to mix it with a bit of nourishing cream to fully apply over my face. The scent is typically ponds, and well, not bad or good for me.

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Although it gives a more even skin tone, and does give my skin a nice finish, I used this on my very fair friend (think NC 25), and also on my best friend who is NC 45, and on both the color looked unnatural and unblended. Made my NC 45 friend look pale and whitish, while on NC 25 the color just sat on her cheeks, and made her face look yellow.

The BB cream lasts 3-4 hours on me, but if it is hot, and you sweat, it goes away very easily. I find this able to protect me from sun for some time, but not totally.


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In the end, I have to say I personally think Maybelline BB stick is WAAAY better on my skin. I don’t know about others, but this product just does not work on my skin. Sorry Ponds, your formula needs to improve, and you do need to come up with more shades.

What I like about Ponds BB Cream:-


  • Evens out skin tone
  • Gives sun protection
  • Gives me a nice glow
  • Travel-friendly

What I don’t like about Ponds BB Cream:-


  • Boring packaging
  • Does not last long
  • Does not blend well
  • Only one color available
  • Does not do well on dry skin


Verdict: 2.5/5

Will I repurchase? - Are you kidding me?

Have you tried Ponds BB Cream ?


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  1. I got this too, and i didnot like it at all, yucky fragrance, n too thick, didnt much like the coverage, it makes my face look ashy, nice review :yes:

  2. Thank God :pray:
    I was going to pick it up yesterday from a mall, but then thought let me wait for my garnier wala to get over and left it
    thanks Poorna for the review

    • Again, Nav, try it before you really decide… I have had people telling me that they felt this was good for them, and people also tell me they thought this was not. This color is a very deceptive one, thus.

  3. Co-incidentally i just got this today. Hope it turns out good on me 🙂

    I sooo miss chatting on wise she these days..sigh !!!


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