Pond’s Silk Cream 24 Hour Moisture Lock Review


Pond’s Silk Cream  24 Hour Moisture Lock

Ponds recently launched a new product especially for the winters. I love skin care products. I feel like I am treating my skin with some delicacy. Anyways this was not an impulse buy… *surprised?*. I was looking forward to buy this and finally got my hands over it.


Pond’s Silk Cream


  • Net Vol: INR 40 for 30 ml, INR 80 for 55 ml, INR 125 for 100 ml.You can buy from flipkart here
  • Shelf Life:3 years
  • Directions for use: For best results, apply daily all over your body.


About Pond’s Silk Cream  24 Hour Moisture Lock:

Whether your skin is oily, normal or dry, changes in the weather can leave the skin dull, dehydrated and unbalanced. A good moisturizer not only helps in restoring the much needed moisture balance in the skin but also helps in keeping the skin soft and smooth.


Pond’s Silk Cream Details


The new Pond’s Silk Cream is an all year round moisturiser, suitable for all skin types that keeps the skin soft and silky-smooth all day long. Its light texture and easily absorbing non-greasy formula makes it an ideal solution for your daily moisturizing needs. The cream is also a great companion for the winter, when skin needs maximum care and nourishment.

My experience with Pond’s Silk Cream  24 Hour Moisture Lock:

This cream comes in the cutest bottle of the lot. It’s a stout small and clean white bottle. Its typical ponds design. They don’t experiment much with the packaging. I really liked the packaging in the cuteness factor. The main pain is it’s a tub and again the hygiene problem of dipping your fingers into the problem pops up.


Pond’s Silk 24 Hour Moisture


The cream is white in color. It has a mild pleasant smell. The smell is not bothersome neither intense. So you need not worry much about it. The texture of the cream is mousse like and very soft and creamy. It glides like butter or even smoother than that. The cream really feels rich and thick but you don’t have to take many efforts. It gets absorbed into the skin instantly.


Pond’s Silk Cream  Package


I applied it overnight once or twice on my face. I have a oily skin so I generally stay away from over rich products. But this cream worked really well. It did not make my skin extra greasy and really healed the patchy and flaky skin wherever applied. It really hydrates the skin. I think this cream might come as a boon for the dry skinned beauties.


Pond’s Silk Cream  Swatch


I am not sure about it working really well for me during summers. But gals who have dry skin and related problems, this cream is highly recommended to you.

What I like about Pond’s Silk Cream  24 Hour Moisture Lock:

  • Travel friendly
  • Contains milk nourishment
  • Good packaging
  • Makes skin supple
  • Doesn’t grease the skin

What I don’t like about Pond’s Silk Cream  24 Hour Moisture Lock:

  • Can be used by oily skinned people only for winters
  • Tub packaging.

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Pond’s Silk Cream  24 Hour Moisture Lock?

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