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I am back with another review. This time it is the Pond’s white beauty Blemish prevention UV cream. As you all might know my skin is very easily prone to blemishes & acne marks so when I came across the term ‘blemish prevention’ I jumped at it.  Lets see how this one worked for me…


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Strong sun rays not only darken skin, they go deep into your skin to trigger the appearance of dark spots. NEW Blemish Prevention UV Cream protects both against UVB burning rays and the deep penetrating UVA rays that are the main cause of dark spots. Complete UV Range Protection. So with VAO – B3 complex, not only will it lighten, but also helps to prevent the formation of dark spots below the skin surface.
* Protects across the entire range of UVA & UVB rays.
DIRECTIONS: How to get flawlessly radiant skin even under the sun:
Apply a generous amount after cleansing skin and at least 10 minutes before stepping out into the sun. For best results, re-apply when you are out in the sun. Avoid unnecessary harsh sun exposure. Not water – resistant.
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PRICE: Rs 299/-
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My Experience with Pond’s White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream:

Packaging: The UV cream comes in an off white pump dispenser with a pink cap. The pump is very smooth & dispenses the right amount of product. This one is very unlike other pond’s creams which come in a bulky tub. Very easy to handle & comfortable to carry.
Texture: The cream is soft & spreads well, it feels mattifying as soon as applied.
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I was excited to use this cream as it is a day cream with UV protection & spot corrector all rolled into one, so I wouldn’t have to put on layers of products. Also the white beauty range had positive reviews I had pretty high expectations, Pond’s products have largely worked well for oily skin.
When I used it the first time, the UV cream seemed to get absorbed without much effort & felt mattifying. Just a pea size amount of cream is required to cover the entire face. But the disappointment came when I looked into the mirror, though it felt matte, my face looked greasy & unevenly tanned like I was just back from the sun. My T-zone almost looked red like it was sun burnt, I normally have break outs in that area so it probably stood out. I thought because it was the first time, maybe my skin reacted that way. When I topped it with a compact, the tanned look settled, but my face still looked dull.
Once I got back home when I checked my face, my skin looked tired & overworked. But because it was the first day I was using the day cream I still wanted to give it time to work. I used it daily for about two weeks or so, every time it was the same story, my face looked dull & grey post application. Once I would wash my face it brightened my face also I started to notice a reduction in the blemishes & my face appeared more clear. I can say the UV cream must have worked as a sunblock because I did not notice much tanning during that period.
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In spite of it working on clearing acne marks, I could not bear to go out with a grey face everyday so I stopped using it as a day cream. Would have preferred to use it at night, but it contains sunscreens specially oxybenzone which is not safe to be used at night. Later I started to use the day cream as a spot treatment on all the marks, but since I have too many spots all over my T-zone, it was tedious to even do that & eventually I stopped using it.

What I like about Pond’s White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream :

  • The pump bottle, compact packaging
  • Contains UV protection
  • Worked on clearing acne blemishes
  • Contains Niacin amide (Vitamin B3)

What I didn’t like about Pond’s White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream :

  • Makes my face appear dull & grey
  • Completely Unsuitable for dry skin
  • Did not work as a day cream
  • No mention of SPF
The Pond’s White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream did not fulfil it’s purpose. It makes the skin so dull that it cannot be used while stepping out of the house, which defeats the whole purpose of the UV cream.

Will I Recommend & Repurchase Pond’s White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream : 

This is not suitable for dry skin & it didn’t work on my combination to oily skin, so cannot recommend this product to anyone.

Have you tried Pond’s White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream ?

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