Popular Asian Bridal Hair Styles


Popular Asian Bridal Hair Styles

With the wedding season around, all you brides to be must be in all preparations on your look. There is much to be decided on everything, every part of your look. Whether Indian, Pakistani or Sri Lankan, you need to be looking your gorgeous best as a bride.

Here are some Asian Bridal Hairstyles that you could go for.

Decorated Braids for long hair

decorated Braid

This hairstyle is the most popular for people with short or long hair. People with short hair also prefer going for this using hair extensions. You may use flowers or decorative jewels or gems or studs anything that goes well with your attire for the day. This hairstyle is most commonly used in India and Sri Lanka.

Open curls

Curly-Hairstyle india

You may want to flaunt your fabulous hairstyle when you have curls or you could get rollers done to have this look if you do not have curly hair naturally. People with straight hair usually prefer having this hairstyle as it is said grass is always greener on the other side. The crave of people with straight hair for curly hair is totally understandable.

Simple decorated Bun

hair style india

It is more common amongst Christian brides wearing a gown or even typical Indian or Pakistani brides who have to carry a stole on the head which is heavier and a little tedious to carry throughout the ceremony. The bun is usually visible from inside the stole and looks beautiful on a bride to make her look different on her special day.

Messy Bun


This is quite popular for brides in Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. A bun which is usually seen in Christian weddings is now also gaining popularity in India as well as Pakistan to go with the traditional attires. It is a perfect choice for a round face as it highlights your face cut with its loose fit dangles.

Half Up Half Down

new look updown style

A very trending hairstyle which is common to almost all Asian country. It suits round and slim looking faces both. Depending on the attire, one should carefully choose the hair accessories to accentuate the look. When with a dupatta, make sure the hair stresses are set to fall on the shoulders as well as back side of your body to ensure your hair volume does not look less.  For people with lesser volumes, be careful to make the stresses fall at the back more than at the shoulders, if using a duppatta.

Traditional Bun


This is a traditional look wherein the bun is up tied to enable the bride ensemble look vivacious and confident. Avoid tying a loose bun as it looks clumsy and is usually difficult to carry throughout.

Beehive Chignon

chignun hairstyle

This is a retro look that is trending now days. Use of large size Orchids or roses is advocated to create that old time era look. One should try this for a look as it definitely looks good on all face types.

Twisted Hairstyle for short hair

bridal hair style

If you have short hair and you are running clueless, go for this hairstyle. Use of large sized hair jewels with a twisted hair locks could help you.

All these hairstyles are universal and more popular amongst Asian brides. There could be many more options than this that one could explore. So these options are best keeping in mind the comfort and the conducive adoption of these hairstyles to any kind of Asian attire. So if you are in Japan or Thailand or India or Pakistan, these styles will suit you for sure.

Which one out of these is your favorite hairstyle?

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