Popular bridal beauty treatments for bridal glow

Today women can go to any extent to look good on her D-Day. If you are someone who do not have time to go for herbal remedies then below here are popular beauty treatment exclusively for brides which you can get in any reputed saloon.

Photo facials-This facial is for blood circulation.Take around 10 minutes .During this treatment infrared light is passed over the top most layer of the skin.It reduces pigmentation and eliminates skin infection as well.You can see the result in three days .Facial claims to improve jumbo follicles, flaccid skin and hyper pigmentation spots.Advance version of facial helps in getting rid of wrinkles too.

Skin polishing-Also called as Microderm abrasion is a painless procedure which completely removes dead skin and give you back rejuvenated fresh layer of skin.

AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid )facial-Acids in this facial are derived from fruits and flowers. Acid helps in anti aging and gives a smooth look to the skin. This facial is for brides who have pigmented skin. It tightens the pores of the skin, relaxes it up. Beautician will guide you about the fruits and flowers according to your skin type. You can take orange for oily skin an banana for dry skin. Laser treatment is also given so that cream fruits and flower can penetrate deep into the inner most layer of the skin.

Oxy facial-This has been one of the most common facial and suits women who spent lot of time in dust an pollution.It detoxifies the skin and penetrates oxygen in deepest of the layers.

Acne facials-Meant for women who are suffering from sever acne problem. Generally it is recommended to use in frequent intervals until whole of the problem gets solved.

Laser-Meant for women who are above 27 and are suffering from sagging skin. It uplift the skin and close the pores .It improves blood circulation which helps in removing blemishes and brings the glow. The effect of this treatment last for two months.

Peel off chemical facial-It peel of the top most layer of the skin leading to bright and younger looking skin. It claims to use mild products but still many people come across side effects like itching and redness. This facial too require multiple sittings.If you are suffering from extra sensitive skin then this one is not for you.

Similarly there are many other facials such as Boi-lift facial ,galvanic facial and facial which fights dark circles etc.

All above facial will have temporary effect and will last not more than two months. With that beauticians will recommend many sittings as well. If possible go for herbal remedies which have ever lasting result with no side effects and are easy on pockets too.


  1. Some of my friends went in for peel off chemical facials to remove tans. It looked very painful. Coz after the treatment for upto a week, their skin kept peeling off. They had to use lots of moisturizer indoors and a very high sunscreen outdoors.

  2. Yes though people have different experiences and there is nothing like herbal remedies.But women who don't have time generally prefer these things.Thanks Tanveer to share your friend experiences.:)

  3. Yeah, my friends took this peel off treatment for tan removal from KAYA, and immediately she got severe red itchy blotches on her face, they had to inject her to abate them.Another friend of mine took the same treatment in KAYAand she had to use heavy moisturizer which looked like an ointment and she used to look yellow and her skin kept peeling everyday.After the treatment completed, she got a worse tan in a weeks time.

  4. OMG!!! Thanks for letting us know about it.There are many herbal beauty care treatment which we can use it is just that we think that what is costing us will give us result.

  5. I recently got married and for the pre-bridal, i used Lakme in indore on MG Road. I've been to many parlours and spa's for facials & other body treatments so kind of know the quality and results etc but this was nothing like that. I got treated like a real princess and the treatments were fantastic, esp the body exfoliation & body polishing. I would highly recommend them.


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