Secret diet tips of popular models

According to model Amanpreet Wahi, the golden rule is not to sit after eating a meal and avoid carbohydrates like rice and wheat for dinner.”One should eat salads, grilled vegetables or chicken, soups during dinner and make sure that you don’t sleep immediately after eating anything. Your body needs some time to digest whatever you have eaten. So understand your body and listen to it,” says Amanpreet.

Model Laxmi Rana agrees and says that if you are aiming to achieve a flat stomach, just don’t eat carbohydrates after 7.30 p.m.

“This mantra has done wonders to my body. You should not skip dinner completely but just avoid eating heavy meals after 7.30 p.m. Apart from this, one should take proper care of body and soul as well,” she said.

Besides eating sensibly, one should also do some regular exercise, meditate or play a game regularly to burn those extra calories.

Emcee Geetika Ganju can’t live without her nine hours of sleep and says that the body demands proper rest to recuperate and hence getting proper sleep is her mantra for fitness.

“The body also needs rest. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, then make sure that you give your body proper rest so that you don’t feel sleepy and lethargic all day. To avoid those puffy eyes, just sleep well,” Ganju said.

Known for her flawless skin and perfect curves, Riddhima Kapoor says that everyone should make exercise as a part of the daily routine to feel good and live a healthy life.

“The way you brush your teeth every day, you should also make it a point to exercise every day. This gives you the liberty to eat everything but that should be healthy. Don’t deprive yourself of anything but make sure that you don’t overeat,” said Riddhima, daughter of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor.


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  1. of all these i am a big fan of ridhima kapoor..she doesn't looks washed out as models usually do..her skin adn hair are amazing too 🙂

  2. I totally love her skin and hair..She looks so soft .I think she would have beaten Kareena easily by her looks if been an actress.

  3. IS riddhima kapoor a model?I thought she got married and settled down!Yes anamika she wud ve beaten kareena( there is already cold relationship btw them) but both ve a lot of similarities in their features.

  4. No she is not exactly a model but she do kaya skin products promotion..yaa there is always cold vibes between is because kareena mom never wanted any relationship with any of kapoor family..she was the one who broke abhishek and karisma marriage too..this is what i have heard:D

  5. Ohh I always use to wonder how global service woman keep their metabolism..this is an great tip which you have given..though i know it is too hard but looking at you i know it is look pretty toned up to me:)

  6. Wasn't the engagement broken because Abishek was a flop actor then? Just luk at how fate changes.He lost Karishma and found Aishwariya,former Miss World(Though I dont like her coz she is too plastic) check this!Kareena luks so cute in this!

  7. Abhishek was flop from the begining when she started dating him so i don think so this was the reason..but it might be one of the reason too..Aishwarya is really plastic but Karisma too is no good yaar..marry a business tycon soon after break up is pathetic yaar.u know this is the cutest video i have seen.Kareena is so loving ..i have seen it like 4-5 timess:P

  8. This shows dat raj kapoor used to spend a lot of quality time wid his grandchildren! but I wonder wen babita and randhir got separated?

  9. Oh yes and marrying sanjay……. sorry to say he is not even good luking! I feel both sisters are too much after money!even kareena broke up wid shahid for saif, the nawab!but I ve always preferred karina over karishma coz she is prettier and a gud actor!!

  10. both sisters for those who are filty and are divorced…needs lots of money i tell u..this is all bec of their mom i guess.


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