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Are you worried about dry skin and dry patches this winter? Is your skin feeling dehydrated and rough? Well, then you have a best friend to look for. If you are not from the vegan group, then you must have heard as well as used this magical ingredient – Honey in various recipes as well as beauty packs. Honey is not only sweet to taste but has a beautiful fragrance and amazing beauty benefits to it. And this post is all about honey and various face packs available in the market that contain this ingredient. So scroll down!


Honey is a miracle ingredient both for outside and inside your body. It is helpful in cough and cold as well as protecting your immune system. When applies outside, it makes your skin soft and glowing. Honey is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals that help to purify skin and also relieve dryness.

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Many people make face packs with honey at home but what if you don’t have enough time or energy to do do? Well, then scroll down and look at our picks for this category!

Face packs using Honey:

Innisfree Manuka Honey Real Squeeze:

innisfree manuka honey

Price: 100 INR. You can buy same on Amazon here which is available in packs.

Innisfree Manuka Honey face pack is specially formulated using Manuka Honey from New Zealand for a healthy looking and glowing skin. It is rich in nutrients that help to hydrate skin and moisturise it leaving it soft and supple. It also contains Jehu, green tea and orchids that help to make skin radiant and smooth.

Biotique Milk protein whitening and rejuvenating pack:

biotique bio milk protein pack

Price: 199 INR. You can buy same on Amazon here.

Biotique is an all natural herbal brand that doesn’t have any preservatives or harmful chemicals. This face pack from Biotique is enriched with the goodness of milk protein and honey to lighten skin and rejuvenate it. It is suitable for all skin types.

Forest Essentials honey lep facial treatment masque:

forest essentials nourishing honey lep

Price: 1625 INR. You can buy same on Amazon here.

Forest essentials has every something for every ingredient lover. And if you love honey packs on your skin, then this is the baby to go for. The madhulika honey lep is purely natural and has the benefits of orange juice and cane sugar in it to make skin radiant and smooth.

The Body shop Oats and Honey scrub cum mask:

the body shop 3 in 1 scrub

Price: 1195 INR. You can buy same on Amazon here.

This weekly face mask cum scrub from The Body shop has the goodness of honey to clean, remove dead cells and revitalize skin making it soft, glowing and beautiful. This product is an all-in-one solution for all skin woes.

Vaadi Herbals Instaglow Almonds and Honey face pack:

vaadi almond honey face pack

Price: 95 INR. You can buy same on Amazon here.

Vaadi Herbals is a very affordable Indian brand that manufactures herbal and effective products. The face pack with Almonds and Honey claims to rejuvenate skin, remove pigmentation, lighten skin tone and also help in getting even out skin. Regular use will help in getting flawless complexion that is really amazing.

The Body Care Lemon and Honey face pack:

the body care lemon honey face pack

Price: 90 INR. You can buy same on Amazon here.

The Body Care Lemon and Honey face pack is another affordable option for you if you want a face pack that is both effective and budget friendly. This face pack contains Lemon and Honey both known for its lightening and brightening properties. Regular use of this face pack will give skin a healthy glow with radiant complexion.

So these were my picks for the face pack with honey range. Honey is really beneficial for our skin and surely these does a great job in giving skin the required sheen it needs. Preparing a honey face pack at home has no alternative but if you feel that you don’t have time then these can be your best friends. So grab them as per your skin and pocket permits!

Some of the popular honey face packs which we have covered are mentioned below


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