Popular Lipstick Shades MAC – Suggestions


Nisha asks,

Other day when I went to MAC I got so confused in hundred’s of lipstick shades in front of me . I thought I should do my reaserch before going and splurging there.Please recommend some of the popular lipstick shades from MAC 🙂


Popular lipstick shades suggestions


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  1. I personally love Mac Twig, Hot Tahiti, Brick o la and Captive. I recently bought Party Line as well..To tell u the truth I would not recommend buying a lipstick based on others experience..Different colors luk different on others..For example Mac Captive luks dark on fairer skin tones but on me its like a nice neutral pinky plum..Ask any Mac Mua to help u out..most of them are great and very helpful Hope this helps Nisha :))

  2. cosmo, twig and mocha…my all time favorites!!! i second parul, mua are super nice and they will help u….happy shopping!!!

  3. I love Hug Me, Hot Tahiti, Ruby Woo, Capricious, Lustering amongst others, but I agree with Parul.. The beauty of Mac lipsticks is that they look different on everyone.. I’d suggest you go armed with the knowledge of your skin undertone – cool or warm & then google for swatches – select some 4-5 that you like in swatches & try out those 😀

  4. I love the MUA s there, they help you a lot……….Retro is good………also twig, cosmo are perrenial favs….also among brighter shades, ruby woo, craving, crosswires are very good……

  5. Id recommend amorous, creme in your coffee, twig and girl about town 🙂
    I guess it all depends upon the pigmentation of your lips and the kind of colours you are going for.


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