Popular Remedies To Cure Hair Fall


I receive many queries related to hair  and most of the time it is deals with hair fall problem. Hair fall and hair loss is generally due to stress, bad lifestyle , medical condition, unhealthy eating habits or due to hereditary.


There are various natural ways to cure hair fall problem.Hair fall causes are different and therefore to cure the problem one needs to try different remedies. Some of the popular common remedies of hair fall are as follows:-
Aloe vera-I have mentioned about aloevera quite a few times because  aloevera is no less than a miracle in skin and hair problems.Rubbing aloe vera gel daily cures major hair fall problem.It can be used by both man and woman and it is advised by many hair experts in baldness too.
Onion-.Regular rubbing onion juice or half cut  onion on your scalp  stimulate hair growth.
Olive oil-To read about it click here
As far as drink is concerned to cure hair fall problem,green tea is known to reduce the production of enzymes that causes baldness in men.It contains catechins which is a subsantance which reduces baldness.
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