Popular Ways To Make Homemade Vitamin E Eye Cream And Makeup Remover At Home


Homemade Vitamin E Eye Cream And Makeup Remover

Hello Everyone, We have been doing a lot of DIY stuff lately and I am loving the part of how much interest you guys are showing in our blog and videos. We have an immense love for all our viewers and that’s the reason that we leave no stone unturned to search for hacks and new methods you guys wish to know. So today we have come up an extremely beneficial super easily available method and DIY cream which you must try once and trust us you will love the after effects.

vitamin e capsules

So the product is Under Eye Vitamin E Cream which is also an amazing Makeup Remover.Why I like DIY in this segment because in todayÅ› lifestyle and pressure, we all are so stabbed with tensions that getting those puffy eyes and dark circles seems common. We every other day see the tirey eyes and puffiness.We generally hide them with makeup and use creams available in the market but why not try DIY.And also for the fact that since we love makeup a lot so we need a makeup remover as well on regular basis.

Method 1:

So what all you need to do is take:

  • 1/4th cup of organic coconut oil
  • 2 drops of Lavender Oil (not mandatory)
  • 6-8 Vitamin E capsules
    The number of capsules also depends on the temperature of your living location. Like we are India and its quite hot here so we have decided to take 4 capsules. Likewise if you are from cold area than go for more number of Vitamin E capsules.

We have done a video on this so that you can get it better.

Procedure :

Melt your coconut oil (if you live in hot country then you can skip melting) a little and make it a flowing liquid so that you can mix Vitamin E in it properly. Puncture your capsules one by one and pour the filling in the coconut oil and mix well. Now pour this in a small container and place a lid on it. I recommend you to keep it in the refrigerator so that it gets turned in the solid form and become easy for us to use.

oil for skin

This is one amazing Makeup remover as well as coconut is extremely soft on skin and this mixture can remove best and most waterproofed makeup in just 3-4 easy swipes. All you need to do is take some cotton and dab it in mixture and swipe on your eye makeup.
Easy and soft.

Method 2:

  • 2 tablespoons of Cocoa Butter
  • Two tablespoons of petroleum jelly
  • 2 ½ tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil

This is also quite a good DIY eye cream as you can see the rich ingredients like cocoa butter essential oil which can remove puffiness and tiredness of eyes. Also as stated above coconut has many healing properties which can be extremely helpful for dark circles and tired look.Lavender oil will also improve the complexion of darkness around eyes as it is among the pure to purest form.


What all you need to do is take all these things in a cup and heat the mixture for 15-20 seconds in microwave. Stir properly and then put the mixture in a small lid container. Put the container in refrigerator for 2 hours and start using it.

Apply it regularly and massage it under and around your eyes daily with soft fingers and experience the difference in a month time.

Use this cream for removing your makeup as well and see stiffed eye makeup removing so easily.

Try these beautiful easy methods and let us know how you feel after using it. Are they are good on your skin and effective too.

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