Post Wedding Hair Care For Brides


By Stuti Khurana

Post Wedding Hair Care For Brides

You looked stunning on your wedding day with the perfect dress, jewellery, makeup & hair. But what happens the next day? The morning-after-hair feels rough, frizzy, dull and dry. So, ladies! Do not ignore your post-wedding hair care & liven up your tresses. With loads of hair spray and mousse, your hair is likely to turn into a bird’s nest if ignored. Let us take a look at some post wedding hair care tips that you can try to get the luster back into your locks.

Curled Hairstyle

Remove All Accessories

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First & foremost, remove all the pins and accessories from your hair very carefully. Ask a friend or a relative for help rather than juggling with it yourself. Ensure that this is done patiently & don’t pull them out too hard as it may end up breaking and damaging your hair. Also, start removing them from the ends first and then move to your head.

Detangle Your Hair:

Next, de-tangle your hair properly & comb the bottom hair and get rid of the tangles. Do this slowly without causing too much pain and preferably comb with a wide-toothed comb. Then, proceed towards your head & comb by dividing into sections.

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Clean Your Hair: If possible, it would be great if you can apply some oil first. Then take a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your hair of all the hairspray, gel & mousse. Go for a warm water shower as the lukewarm water will easily rinse out the chemicals. Gently massage the scalp with your fingers & ensure all shampoo is rinsed out properly. If you still feel some product build up in your hair, you may repeat with a mild shampoo since it is very important to remove all the product chemicals from your hair.

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Condition Properly: After washing your hair, inject some nourishment by using a conditioner. You can also go for a protein treatment or a hair massage in a few days to restore natural bounce & shine.


Avoid Hair Dryers & Excessive Styling: Give your hair a break for as long as you can from heat styling with a blow-dryer, hair straighteneror curling iron. Since your hair have already been through a lot, do not use products with high alcohol concentration as it is drying in nature. Instead use products that contain low or no alcohol. In case it is absolutely necessary to style your hair, then use a heat protectant spray or a smoothening cream to protect your hair, settle frizz and add shine.

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Keep A Check On Your Diet: It is very much possible that your intake of sweets & other oily foods will increase after the wedding which could be very tempting. Still , try to balance off by eating fresh fruits & vegetables as much as possible. Include nuts, almonds, cashews in small portions in your diet. Drink loads of water & healthy juices to promote hair health.


Indulge In Home Remedies:Try to use natural products on your hair whenever possible. Try homemade hair masks for nourished & healthy hair. Use moisturizing oils like coconut, argan, & rosemary. If you want color, try using henna.

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Protect Your Hair: Another important bridal hair care tip is to keep your hair protected. If your hair is exposed too much to the sun, it can lose its shine and even cause hair loss. It is better to avoid moving out into the sun or wear a cap or a scarf over your head so that there is no direct exposure to the sun.

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Have you tried these post wedding hair care tips before?

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