Potato Skin – Potato skin benefits

                                                              Benefits of Potato skin
I rarely come across a person who doesn’t like potatoes. Even children of all ages who moan and groan over eating vegetables like eating  potatoes. In fact food items made of potatoes are quiet popular and  that is why snacks market is filled with potato chips and fries.If we make a popularity chart I am sure potatoes would be on the top.


Like many people, I also refrain from eating potatoes as they are extremely fattening and worse when we have  them without  its skin. This way  nutritional value of potato goes for a toss and we all take it as an unhealthy vegetable which consists mainly of carbohydrates and fat.
Me , my mother and my mother in law have been cooking it after peeling off its skin and even when we are baking it.Yesterday, one of my nutritionist friend told me that there is lot more to a potato than just its carbohydrate content, especially the skin which we usually throw away.
To maintain a healthy diet which includes potato one is advised to eat potatoes with their skin as they contain large percentage of vitamins, minerals and  contains lot of fiber which is essential for a healthy diet.
This is what I found about potato skin which I was completely unaware of:-

Health benefits of potato skin:-

1. Potato skin contains a variety of phytonutrients – carotenoids, flavonoids and caffeic acid, which are a natural source of anti- oxidants which helps in preventing cellular deterioration of the body.It also contains protein called patatin which helps in lowering the blood pressure and protects against heart diseases.
2. It contains potassium and the fibrous skin is filled with roughage which leads to healthy digestion.
3. It is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, Calcium, Copper, Manganese and Zinc.Along with that it contains 18% of the recommended daily allowance of iron and 7.5grams of protein.
4. You wont believe this but eating potato with their skin acts as an anti- acid thus, helping the digestive system and those suffering from constipation,The skin helps boosting the immune system as well, decreasing the chances of falling ill.

Potatoes for weight gain

Those who are thinking of gaining weight or body building  diet, the combination of proteins and carbohydrates is excellent. Also the minerals and vitamins present allow the body to absorb the carbohydrates in a proper manner, not leading to disposition of fat.

Potatoes in weight loss

If you are on a weight loss diet then eating potatoes you have to look at your potato consumption but if you are some one like me who can not leave it then the healthiest way to have it is to bake it with the skin.

Nutrition facts of potato
Based on a 2000 calorie diet, a large baked potato, including the skin, has 278 calories. Only 3 of these calories are from fat. A baked potato contains only 1% of the fat allowance considered as part of a healthy diet, with 0% of this being saturated fat.Hope the articles motivate you to include potatoes with their skin in your diet 

 Do you cook potatoes with their skin ? Have any interesting potato recipe with their skin on to share with us?


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  1. I luv potatoes with skin!The roasted skin tastes so well!It tastes equally good on big potatoes!BAked potatoes wid skin tastes extremely delicious!So does the potato skin served with sour cream!

  2. okai..i wil try and let u know:)

    and will show your comment to Kapil who only cribs when it comes to food and can not even make MAGGI :d

  3. My nani maa instead throwg po..skin grind it with posto n some spices n makes small size vadas,tastes yumy.Nowadays I miss those yumy vadas as my feels do’g so cosume more time So she cooks potato with skin.


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