Powder Or Cream Blush For Dry Skin?


By Priyanka,

I just came across our site yesterday and thought you will help me out with my queries.I have dry skin so cream blushes should be my preference or powder blush?.Suggest some companies which have good cream blushes in India please.


Powder Blush Vs Cream Blush


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  1. Im good see u got people like me.. I fully switch to your blog from today :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: someone pulls u down only cause your way above them 🙂 🙂

  2. I use Maybelline mousse blush and they work fine for me and even I have a dry skin :-)) . Priyanka you can pat some powder blush on top of cream ones to make it stay longer :yes:

  3. Powder blush will make your skin more drier and patchy. Its best that you go for cream blush and will give a dewy look and make our dry skin look more lively. I have seen Chambor blush that looks powder but on application turns liquid. You could maybe try that. i have tested Maybelline mousse blush on my dry skin but for some reason my skin became more drier and parched.

  4. Even I wld suggest a cream blush – but use a moisturizer underneath, or else dry skin that is not moisturized properly will make the blush look patchy after a while as it will suck up all the oils in the blush. 🙂


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