Precautions to take when doing online shopping in India

Online shopping for beauty products is picking up in India .Buying online is convenient too as it allow you to choose any product , give a proper thought to it and shop at your own leisure.
 As many of us have doubts while buying online and few of my friends have asked me also so  I thought of doing this post.
To start with it if you have a particular brand which you are interested in buying then simply go to the product or the manufactures website .It is always better to check out whether the manufacturer have an online store.Ordering from manufacturer online store is quiet secure and the product will also be original.
If you are not able to know who is the manufacturer of the product then Google it up.Many times manufacturer do not sell their product directly.They tie up with affiliates website to make their job simpler.These websites runs lot many discounts which is an additional bonus.
There are auctions sites also where you will find even beauty products with discounts but while buying the product make sure you are buying the unexpired and unopened beauty product from these sites.
Most of the time payment is done through credit cards or through third party payment source such as pay pal.But as nowadays there are so many online frauds and scam prevailing therefore  it is better  check before hand weather the information given to the site is legitimate or not.
Also the cost of shipping is not included in the price of the product and therefore do not forget to check your shopping cart or total invoice before confirming the order.
Online shopping has its own charm and it is fun too buy products online as you get to choose from them patiently .But it should always be done with caution.Always give your credit card information to the companies which you trust or who are popular in the industry because of their brand value.

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  1. Hey! Thks a lot for this article! It was very very useful. I am very apprehensive to shop online and quite liked the tips you gave 🙂

  2. Great job anamika. I was planning to do this for a long. I'm glad you wrote it cus I'm a freak when it comes to online shopping and my fingers have committed many crimes by doing this.. I definitely needed some more points for myself. Love your posts always…<3

  3. its good to hear that online shopping is growing in i shop online all the time and sometimes i think it is more needed in india as there is so much traffic everywhere…i think safety check would also come with time but yeah buyer has to be beware..

  4. Sovina even Delhi metro didnt help in lowering down the traffic forget about online shopping..we are a nation of more than 100 million people:D


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